Thursday, December 4, 2008

November 24, 2008 - We Partied with Papa Roach, Staind, & Seether? Really?

**This is from the archives...

This past Thursday Staind, Seether & Papa Roach rocked Huntington, and we were fortunate enough to have a couple of the guys from Papa Roach in the studio. Check all of that out here: After the interview, their tour manager said he would leave me some tickets to come to the show, along with "VIP" passes to come back stage after the show. When he said VIP passes, I honestly just thought it would be like a meet and greet, or it wouldn't turn out to be much – man was I wrong, and what an adventure the rest of the night turned out to be!

So me, Nate and a couple of buddies of ours went to the show, and had a blast watching three killer bands – there was a fourth band to start the show called State of Shock, but we didn't get into the arena until closer to 7 p.m. as they were wrapping up. So, after the show, we decided to see what these VIP passes are all about. We wondered down to the side of the stage, ask some security people where we needed to go, and we were told the passes didn't mean anything, “the bands had already taken off, and that the ‘after show party’ was at Fluid!” I called B.S. and we left. We then walked completely around the arena to the other side and found some smarter security guards who showed us where to go, kind of.

We get backstage, and like most arenas, backstage is just concrete, a bunch of chairs, forklifts, and that kind of stuff. Where we were standing, we saw some of the guys from the bands, and members from the road crew – didn't really recognize any faces. They were all going in and out of the dressing rooms, talking, looked like they were having a good time. I asked a security guard nearby where we now go with our VIP passes; he said this was as far as we could go. We all felt awkward and like losers. We were like 30 feet away, staring at where the party was! Have you seen Wayne’s World 2? Remember when Wayne was trying to get backstage and said "my girlfriends back there!" "A lot of people's girlfriends are back there." It was totally like that.

But then, we saw our savior – Eddie. Eddie is the tour manager for Papa Roach, the guy that gave us the tickets and the passes. I shouted for Eddie, he came over, we talked about the show, and I thanked him for the tickets, the passes, and for letting us interview Papa Roach. I then asked him if we could get a drink. It was like the secret code. He said “of course, come on.” So we start heading into Seether's dressing room. While we are walking in, we all give devilish grins to the security guards who kept trying to keep us away from the fun!

We get inside, it's dark, there's random songs playing over the speakers, and holy cow, there's everyone – Aaron Lewis from Staind, Shaun Morgan from Seether, and Jacoby Shaddix from Papa Roach. We were literally at the "after show party." We all just kept looking at each other like, “are we really here? Seriously?” Eddie grabbed us a couple of beers, and we just kept starring at everyone! We were such tourists.

Then, Jacoby came by and I introduced him to everyone (as if we were best friends, close enough, I interviewed him on the air for about a half an hour!). He's a great guy to talk to.

One thing I learned backstage, when Nate gets a little alcohol in him, he also gets confidence in him! He became everyone's best friend! He would just go up to everyone, introduce himself, say that he was from the Planet and told them he loved the show! It was hilarious to see. He had no fear at all!

To prove how confident the guy is – later on, Aaron Lewis was playing the music, and like I said, everything was very random. You would hear Led Zeppelin followed by a-Ha's "Take On Me!" I told Nate, "it would be awesome if Aaron played some Oasis right now" (which is my personal favorite band – grew up listening to them in my "formative" years). Nate said, "you want some Oasis, I'll make it happen." Before I could stop him, he walks to the front of the room where Aaron is messing with the computer, and apparently introduces himself and says "my buddy back there would really love to hear some Oasis." Aaron was down with the request. Nate walks back and about 30 seconds later "Champagne Supernova" comes over the speakers. Wow.

The night was awesome. We totally didn't belong back there, but no one questioned us, and everyone was extremely friendly. It was getting late, all the beer was gone, and it was definitely time to get rolling. On our way out, we saw Eddie and Jacoby, and we spent the next 30 minutes talking music, and about this band Parmalee, which they managed and are working on getting a record deal. Check 'em out: They're going somewhere. We then said our good-byes, and we were out.

This next part of the story isn't as cool as the earlier parts, but it makes me freaking laugh: Nate had a few too many beers, and definitely didn't need to drive home, especially to Crown City, Ohio at 2 a.m. He had to be at the station at like 5:30 a.m. So he stayed on my couch for basically like a two hour nap. He drove my car to work the next morning, then came back and got me around 9 a.m. Early in the morning, he didn't sound too good. He didn't smell too good either – had the same clothes on from the night before, and no shower! He was dragging a little bit to say the least.

So that's it. It was the most surreal night of my life, and it was freaking fantastic. I've told the story to my fiancé, friends, family members, and now to you, and after hearing about it, you still don't understand what it was like. It was freaking unreal!