Thursday, December 4, 2008

October 13, 2008 - I haven't blacked out in a while

**This is from the archives...

Had a good weekend, went to my fiancé’s mother's 50th surprise birthday party. I was in charge of getting the keg, so that's always fun. I'm also proud of myself, we had a pony keg of beer, along with a bowl full of spiked punch, but I didn't go "over the limit."

“Over the limit:” you know, when you have five or six more beers or drinks than you really should have had and you start to black out, throw up on the kitchen floor, you pee on the side of the house, you demand that you sleep on the bathroom floor, and your friends don't talk to you for a few days? I haven't been to that point in a while, and I promise you, I'm not complaining!

The last time it got that bad was probably back in March. Went to a show at the V Club in Huntington, the band was great, and the beer was better. The night ended with me ear-banging the lead singer, Chris Batten of Chris Batten & the Woods, telling him that they were the best band ever! That picture is me with Chris; I'm all bloated and pudgy just about to explode! Then, my soon-to-be fiancé drives me home, and we stop just off of the interstate so I can throw up. Then, we get to her house; I pee on the side of the house, and sleep on the bathroom floor. Yeah, she wasn't too happy with me. I made it up to her by buying her a milkshake the next day (remember that guys, girls loves sweets).

Yeah, those nights and next mornings aren't fun. I've got a very similar New Year's Eve story, which had me spending a few hours of the new year on a hardwood, bathroom floor (aren't cold floors the best in those situations?). And there was one time I saw Seven Mary Three at the old Monkey Bar in Huntington on 3rd Avenue when I woke up in my bed at Courtyard Apartments to find a trail of vomit leading into my bedroom all the way from outside! It was like solving a mystery the next day.

This past Labor Day weekend, I hosted a cookout at my house with my family and my fiancé’s family. It was really the first time our families had hung out like that, and it was a true success! So I celebrated...a little too hard. I was actually drinking my own beer that I had brewed (that's a totally different story), along with wine (I think that was "the" mistake), and miraculously, I didn't puke, but I wish I would have. The next day was the worst day ever! I was in the fetal position from like 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.!

I've got plenty more stories like this, but I'm trying to slow down! My stomach and body can't handle that anymore (not that it ever really could!).