Monday, December 8, 2008

Ragin' on the Road: Columbus - Theory of a Deadman & Pop Evil

This past Saturday, me and my buddy Woda hit the road to see Theory of a Deadman and Pop Evil in Columbus, Ohio at the Newport Music Hall. Anytime me and Woda hit the road together, there's always a story or two to tell:

We left from South Point at about two in the afternoon, and if you remember the weather on Saturday, it was a little crappy (to say the least!). Snow & ice! Should we have braved the roads? Probably not, but we're not the smartest guys in the world. It was like a graveyard of cars driving up U.S. 23 -- one spunout or stuck car after the other! But, we took our time and got up there safely.

We stayed with Woda' uncle -- who was an excellent host (had burritos ready for us, and fixed a great breakfast the next morning)! Because we're experienced roadtrippers -- we called a cab to take us to the show so we didn't have to worry about driving back.

Pop Evil Interview on "Stink Water"

I had an interview setup with the opening band, Pop Evil, so we needed to be down there around 6 p.m. We call the band's tour manager, and we got to sit in for the soundcheck, which was very cool. The interview took place on the band's bus/R.V. -- also known as "Stink Water."

The band was awesome to talk to -- we'll have the interview at as soon as it's produced and ready to go. They're very hungry, and a diverse, great group of guys. Listen to the Planet for their latest single, "100 in a 55." Check 'em out at

Slutty Nurses

Before the show, we had one of those WTF moments -- we're standing on the side of the venue, and in walk these two girls dressed as slutty nurses. We had to check our calendars to make sure it wasn't Halloween! Every guy there is starring with their jaws dropped, and every girl is giving them bad looks. Woda and I really didn't give them much attention, however, maybe because we acted like we didn't care, they walked up and started talking to us (girls like that never walk up and talk to me)!

They told us why they were dressed as slutty nurses, and maybe you already know, apparently in Theory of aDeadman's "Bad Girlfriend" video there are slutty nurses. That's cool, die-hard fans (or maybe they were just trying to get banged after the show). They were from Cincinnati, and when we told them we were from Huntington, they actually knew the town and some people pretty well. I'll have more on them later in the story.


Show starts -- Pop Evil does there thing, and definitely made some fans as the show went on. They are a killer live band. Then, it was the headliner's turn. Theory of a Deadman is a cool band. I love their style, and really liked the guitars they used (pretty Gibson's!). For the most part it was everything you'd expect -- all their hits and some cool guitar solos. Not that much interaction with the crowd, but I'm ok with that, if they want to just play, go for it!

After the show, a fight broke out! Yes! Right by us. Woda said he heard a punch land. I just saw a bunch of pushing and shoving, and people holding others back (you gotta love drunk people). We start to make our way out of the building and chat some more with the guys from Pop Evil, who are hanging out at the merchandise table (they were all pretty tuned up at this point). Leigh, their lead singer, tells us, drunkingly, that we are now a part of the Pop Evil Family! It was funny -- he signed Woda's CD twice. He's awesome.

Then, the slutty nurses walked through. Obviously they didn't get anywhere with Theory of a Deadman, so it looked like they would try with the opening band. However, they were getting no love! They were trying to get free stuff from the merchandise table, but Pop Evil were having none of that (what they sell at that table is pretty much their food and gas money!). I love when girls like that get rejected.

We get some food at the "legendary" Raisin' Canes, which is a chicken finger place right by the Newport. The food is tastey, no doubt, but Woda has been telling me how great this place is for months (his girlfriend was only jealous about our trip because we would get to go to Raisin' Canes!). Expectations were high, but it was good.

Taxi Cab Confessions

We hale for a cab and start to make our way back. Our cab driver was awesome. He was from somewhere in Africa. We could honestly understand every word he said except for his home country! We'd ask where he was from, he'd say the country and we would have no idea. Then he would tell us what it was near, like Sudan and Ethiopia -- we knew about those countries, but still couldn't make out his! Woda and I think it was either Uganda or Rwanda. We recorded the whole conversation for some reason, hoping we'd get some crazy story.

It wasn't our craziest road trip, but it was still a great time. I'm sure the next one will involve more awesome stories (ask me about our trip to Crue Fest this past summer, it was like a freaking circus).