Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What I Done in 2009

Happy New Year.

Here's a month-by-month look at my highlights 2009:

January: Saw AC/DC in Cincinnati -- that's a good way to start off the year...went on my annual ski trip to Snowshoe!

February: Saw Papa Roach, Buckcherry and Avenged Sevenfold in Pikeville, Kentucky...did a lot of wedding preparations like getting the license, painting rooms in my house, tuxes all of that stuff...

March: Got married on the 21st...enjoyed a mini-honeymoon weekend in Columbus...had a great bachelor party...saw Billie Joel and Elton John in Cincinnati (great freaking concert!)...Also, after only being married for like four days, my wife left me to go see Britney Spears in Pittsburgh (because she felt bad she bought me the new Papa Roach CD which came out a few days earlier)...Oh, and how can I forget -- St. Panty's Day!

April: Had the original Guns N Roses and Velvet Revolver bass player Duff McKagan in the studio for a live performance with his band Loaded...Helped play an awesome April Fool's Joke with the station when we said you could no longer smoke in your car in Ashland and in Huntington!

May: Saw Bruce Springsteen in Greensboro and also jumped out of a moving cab later that night...Went to Gatlinburg...

June: Went on the real Honeymoon -- a cruise to Grand Turk and the Bahama's -- it was awesome...Saw the Single A All-Star Baseball game in Charleston...

July: Had a birthday...Went to Hilton Head, S.C. to see my brother-in-law's Marine boot camp graduation...Saw Green Day in Pittsburgh...Hosted the Planet's Miss Rally Real Rock Bikini Contest...Snuck off to Las Vegas at the end of the month with Nate -- what an awesome trip -- we were out their for like 36 hours -- from 8 p.m. Friday to 8 a.m. Sunday and we slept for about five hours the whole weekend, played in a poker tournament, played a lot of craps, blackjack and roulette, enjoyed free drinks from the casinos, and saw MOTLEY CRUE AND GODSMACK, where we ran into Vinny Paul from Pantera, and I am not lying -- I walked by Pamela Anderson...July was awesome!

August: Got home from Vegas (boo!) to see my wife the sickest I had ever seen her -- she was apart of a massive boozefest of a bachelorette party...hosted Molly Hatchet and Blackfoot at Ribfest in Huntington...went to an insane bachelor party, let me just say this Sunday night and a limo -- talk about random awesomeness (and a horrible hangover on Monday)...saw my two-best friends get married...ROCKED Rally on the River with Lex and Terry and about 35,000 people over the weekend...went to Myrtle Beach to try to catch my breath after Rally on the River...Saw Old Crow Medicine Show in Huntington where I took my shirt off for the first time ever at a concert (it was outside, it was raining, and I was drunk)...

September: Marshall football time featuring some killer tailgates...

October: More Marshall Football...Saw Jay-Z in Concert (I know I'm a "rocker," but dude, if you like music -- you'll like his concerts -- it was probably the best concert I saw in 2009!)...Got a sinus infection that I've literally had since October (today is December 29!)...Saw my first ever MMA fight live with Spartan Fighting Championship...Saw the Avett Brothers in Huntington -- really good show...

November: Celebrated the wife's birthday in Gatlinburg...Thanksgiving...Saw the Bengals and the Browns play in Cincinnati...Marshall basketball time!

December: More Marshall basketball...Got a CT Scan on my sinus problem (probably going to have surgery in 2010 on my FACE)...Company Christmas Party at the dog track and casino in Cross Lanes...First Christmas with my new family...Got an XBox 360 and Call of Duty...typed this...wondering what I left out.

Have a safe and happy new year.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Show Some Grace for Three Days Grace: 250+ Hot Wheels and Canned Foods

Craig Williams of Chesapeake came through with his offer to "Show Some Grace for Three Days Grace!" He delivered on his offer of more than 250 Hot Wheels and a case of canned foods! This will definitely make a bunch of kids in the Tri-State happy this Christmas, and will help put some food into some families' bellies! Craig is also happy now because of his killer donation he has tickets to see Three Days Grace and Breaking Benjamin this February in Huntington!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Cool Website - Whats Up WV

If you live in or around WV and you're looking for stuff to get into, check this out: http://whatsupwv.com/.

Pretty cool website listing bands at bars and venues all across the state, along with sports, festivals and more.

Follow their music listings on Twitter: http://twitter.com/WhatsUpWVRocks.


Monday, November 23, 2009

Bud Carroll in the HD


Nice little write up on Huntington's own Bud Carroll and the Southern Souls on the new album, "Wasted Words and Best of Intentions." The Planet also received a nice little mention in the article.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Strip? Love the Herd? Here you go!

If you're a stripper, professional or amateur, and you're a Marshall Thundering Fan, then I've got the perfect stripping outfit made especially for you!

Check this out, this is for real, and it's currently on sale on Ebay:

See the listing for youself: http://cgi.ebay.com/Marshall-University-Stripper-Outfit-Small-0-5_W0QQitemZ320445174142QQcmdZViewItemQQptZLH_DefaultDomain_0?hash=item4a9c05517e.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Marshall vs. UAB: Breakfast Beers

Great win for the Herd on Saturday over the UAB Blazers, 27-7. It was a noon kickoff, which means -- breakfast tailgate, and breakfast beers! The breakfast beers got the best of me!
Here's me and Woda in the bathroom, posing for some reason...

As you can see, I was headed in the wrong direction...

After the game, me and Woda decided to played a game of drunk, sloppy football in my front yard at my house. Keep in mind, I live on a big hill, and while trying to catch a ball, I fell off my hill into my driveway, but I think, I still caught the ball! Here's me half sleeping and half talking after both "games" (notice the dirt and grass stains on my jeans).

Go Herd! The early tailgates and games are fun, but I am glad they are done for the year! I'm much better with the 4:30 kickoffs!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Meghan McCain: Is It Really That Big of a Deal?

Meghan McCain, daughter of John McCain, posted this picture via Twitter yesterday, and received a bunch of crap for it! Yes, she is hot, and yes, she has big boobs, but when I heard about this photo and when I finally saw it, I was really disappointed! I thought it would be showing more (it just makes me want more)!

What do you think (other than nice rack)?

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Broadcasting 1,500 Feet in the Air!

I've done a lot of remote broadcasts, meaning the business has us come out to talk about their product or event, and they are usually a good time because it gets you out of the studio, you're usually outside, and you get to hang out with listeners one-on-one. Well this past Sunday, I probably had the most fun ever doing one of those broadcasts!

The Tri-State Pilot's Association had us out for their annual Community Day and Fly In at the Lawrence County Airport in South Point. It was supposed to happen on Saturday, but Mother Nature had a different plan (she dumped about a foot of rain on the tri-state, which isn't good flying weather!).
It's a really cool deal -- they let people take plane rides, offer flying lessons, serve breakfast and lunch, and tell people about the Angel Flight (transports people who need medical attention to hospitals in cities like Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, and Cleveland for free - free flight, fuel, everything!).

The broadcast started at 10 a.m., and I was already having a good day -- it was good to be up early, nice to be outside, and it was just a beautiful morning! It was also cool to talk about airplanes, pilots, and hang out at an airport!

Then, one of the members of the association, Nelson, asked if I wanted to go for a ride, and I was like "sure! Do you think I can get cell phone service, and I'll call-in to do one of the breaks from the air?" He said it shouldn't be a problem if we stay low.

So we took off in a Cessna 182 and were circling the tri-state in no time.

I even got to wear a cool headset with a microphone. It was neat hearing the pilot talk to people back at the airport and at air traffic control at the Huntington Tri-State Airport.

I made several phone calls to the Planet studio to make sure they could hear me, and to make sure I could hear them, and I was good to go! I had surprisingly great cell phone service -- full bars at 3G.

The flight was great. We stayed relatively low, between 1,500 and 1,800 feet just to stay close to a cell phone tower. Nelson thought it would be bumpy because we were low and it was windy on the ground, but it was fine.

We flew back in forth along the Ohio River up to Ironton and down to the 31st Street Bridge in Huntington. It was cool being up high, but still low enough to see your town! We were able to see the Big Sandy Superstore Arena, our station's building -- the Coal Exchange Building, the Pullman Plaza Hotel, and Pullman Square.

We even got a great view of the Marshall Football Stadium, Marshall's campus, and Cabell Huntington Hospital, and on down to Ashland, we saw the refineries at Ashland Oil.
Like I said, we were just doing big circles, and for the most part, I have a pretty strong stomach, but every now and then, when we would make a turn, my stomach would get a little queasy! I kept it together (I didn't want Nelson to think I was going to puke in his plane!).

Then, it was time to check in one final time to do the broadcast -- I had Josh, who was running things back in the studio, record the break so I could hear it and share it with my friends!

It was a simple break, just as if we were on the ground, but we were at 1,500 feet in the air! I just talked about everything that I could see just by turning my head, and told the listeners that they could do the same if they came down the Lawrence County Airport!

Then, it was time to head back to the ground. Nelson said the landing might be a little bumpy because of the wind on the ground. I think he was trying to make himself look cool because it was as smooth as it could be! He's a pro! No, really, he is a pro -- he gives advanced flight lessons, and has been flying for like 30 or 40 years!

As soon as we got back on the ground, which was about 11:20 a.m., there were a bunch of people at the airport ready to go for a ride just like me! Even a few people who had never been in a plane before! It really was awesome...

Thanks again to the Tri-State Pilot's Association for having us for their Community Day and Fly In-- we hope we can do it again next year!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It's Not a Hairy Ass

Right now, we are hosting of one my favorite contests of all-time: The Best Tattoo on the Planet Contest. Listeners send us pictures of their favorite tattoo and we put it on our website, and then you can vote for your favorite picture, person with the most votes wins a new tattoo.

Well, all of the pictures come to my mailbox, and then I send them to our web guys. Usually, I'll take just a quick glance at the picture and then send it, and that's the case for this story.

So, yesterday, I was looking at all of the pictures, which you can also see, here:


And, I stopped at this one...

...wait a minute...is that a...?

I looked at it over and over.

That's some dude's hairy ass! That's nasty -- we can't have that on our website...

I was trying to figure what else it could be, and I just kept seeing a hairy butt...

The picture was from Eric Lewis of Ironton -- I actually called him and left a message, asking what his picture was of...

Before he got back to me, I reached out to my facebook friends, and asked, is this a hairy butt?

Here are their responses:

Yes it is
Yesterday at 6:43pm · Delete

Yesterday at 6:53pm · Delete

You know what they say...burns coming in burns going out
Yesterday at 7:14pm · Delete

it's a chest .....but it looks alot like a butt! haha
6 hours ago · Delete

Thank you, Heather -- I was never able to see it until I got that comment! It's a chest -- I thought it could have been, wasn't able to tell...But, yeah, it's a chest.

Just before I posted this, Eric returned my call to confirm it -- he was laughing though -- someone else had him and said that it looked like an ass! He defended himself by saying, "I don't have two tailbones."

Now, the picture below Eric's...it's definetely a badonkadonk...

Hahaha! Thank you so much Jami Hackworth of Ironton! I love Planet listeners!

If you want to get in on this contest, send a picture of your favorite tattoo to tattoo@planet927.com.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Megan Fox: Hot Rolling Stone Cover

I'm a longtime Rolling Stone Magazine subscriber, and I am very much so looking forward to this issue -- one of their hottest issues in a long time!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Cameras & Alcohol Don't Always Mix

Hey boys and girls, A couple of Friday's ago me and my friends got drunk. Shock, I know, but one of the friends had the camera going, and here are the results. They aren't pretty, but it's good to know what all exactly happened that night. Enjoy laughing at me:

OK, so this is the first picture on the camera. It's me and my buddy Woda. He says it looks he wrote a book about being gay, and I'm at his booksigning!

All of these pictures are from the Paddock in the West End, and we go there for one reason, and one reason only, and that is to karaoke. I do a freaking mean Mr. Brownstone from Guns N' Roses.

Now my wife is singing, and here's me being a douche getting in the picture.

We ran into a dude I went to middle and high school with. He's a good guy, it was good to see him, but he was drunk and just kept talking. Here's me saying "you're drunk and you just keep talking." He had no idea we even took this picture. He just kept going! Even as my friends pose, too!

I tried to sneak into the women's bathroom with my wife for a little something something, but she wasn't having anything to do with it! Dammit. Don't worry, she never reads my blogs (and I ask her all the time if she reads them)...

This is one of my favorite pictures from the night. I'm starting to wind down, starting to hit the wall. We had been drinking for a while, and so I've decided to belly up to the video lottery machines, and play me a little Keno. I didn't even remember doing this until I saw this picture! But now, I remember putting $1 and winning $2! Being the high roller that I am, I took the $2 and bought another beer! Look at the freaking determination on my face to double up.

This is my favorite picture from the night. Pimpin' ain't easy at the Paddock. These people were into it! I actually took the picture, and look behind them, someone else is taking the same picture! Haha! They didn't even care!

So there you go! Drunk pictures is fun!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Kurt Cobain: Lead Singer for Bon Jovi & Bush???

According to Rolling Stone:

Warning: Unlocking the Kurt Cobain character on Guitar Hero 5 generates some horrifying results. If you dare, click above to watch Cobain front Bon Jovi and Bush.

I love Nirvana...I also like Bon Jovi, Bush, Billy Idol, David Bowie and the other bands in this video...but watching Kurt Cobain as a "front man" makes me sick to my stomach!

This is so weird to watch for me!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Michael Jackson is Alive?

This is from LiveLeak.com with the following description:

This video shows that Michael was still alive after his dead body was transported to the Los Angeles Dept. of Coroner I checked the license plate number and it looks like the King of Pop is jumping out of the same van, his dead body has been in. I got the original video tape from a trustworthy source. I know him for years. And I am sure it´s real and Michael is alive.

It's probably fake, but it is kind of freaky! Makes sense if he is alive and faked his own death: He was broke -- you're always worth more when you are dead (Elvis), and his body has still not yet been burried!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Rally on the River, Ribfest and Lex and Terry: Pictures & Video

The pictures and video of this past weekend are all online now at www.planet927.com.

To see Lex and Terry at Rally on the River pix go here: http://www.planet927.com/pictures-2009-08-17-LT.html. To see the video, go here: http://www.planet927.com/video.html.

To see Rally on the River pictures go here: http://www.planet927.com/pictures-2009-08-17-Rally.html.

For Ribfest pictures: http://www.planet927.com/pictures-2009-08-17-ribs.html.

It's some kickass time-wasting stuff.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

This Past Weekend: Ribfest, Rally, Lex and Terry, and a Wedding

Wow. I am way behind on blogging. I'll promise I'll get caught up, I've got some crazy stories on my 36-hour trip to Las Vegas and Woda's kickass Sunday Night Bachelor Party, but first let's talk about what just happened -- this past weekend.

The Planet and I had our biggest and busiest weekend, EVER. No seriously, EVER. If you walked outside and had some fun in the tri-state this weekend, chances are, you saw someone or something from the station. It all started Thursday night.

Thursday Night:

We had two major events going on Thursday night. First, we were the presenting station at Ribfest, and we were there for the best night. This year, we had Molly Hatchet and Blackfoot on stage! Both of those bands were awesome. The crowd was insane -- the amphitheater was as full as it could be! I had the pleasure of bringing all of the bands on stage. That is one of my favorite things to do with my job. I know the crowd doesn't care about me, and they just want me to walk off the stage so the band will start playing, but when you say the band's name, and the crowd is going nuts, it's just an awesome feeling to be apart of! How was the show? Both bands were great. Molly Hatchet is a great live act, but Blackfoot's "Highway Song" was worth the price of admission for me!

In addition to having Ribfest going on Thursday night, it was also the first night of Rally on the River! So, Nate and I were doing dueling broadcasts! I would tell you about ribs and Southern Rock, and he would tell you about bikes and brews! I wasn't at the Rally Thursday night, but it sounded like they had their biggest Thursday ever! Ribfest also had their biggest Thursday night!


The people that really know me, know that I stress out a lot when it comes to station promotions and events. So this weekend, I was pretty stressed. Nate does a great job of telling me to just calm down, and he's usually right! But, Friday, I was pretty stressed, we had day two of Rally on the River, and we had to get Lex and Terry from the airport.

I did my broadcast that afternoon from the Rally. We couldn't have asked for better weather this weekend, maybe a little cooler, but no rain, you can't beat that! Everything at the Rally was running very smooth, which was great. I had to leave a little early to get the Givers.

Lex and Terry, along with Dee, flew in to the Charleston airport that evening around 6:30 p.m. I had never actually met them before, so I won't lie, yeah, I was a little nervous. But as soon as they all got loaded up in the car, I saw that what you hear on the radio every morning is what you get. They are truly great people. I even got to be a part of a little prank on Peter!

Dee had the idea to call Peter, their producer, and say that I hadn't shown up at the airport to pick them up. So he kept going with the story (you know Dee's a great liar if you listen to the show), and said that Terry was really pissed and was trying to book a private plane back to Dallas! Dee said that he tried to call my phone, but it kept going to my voicemail. Then, Peter called me and the guys just told me to let it ring and not answer. Peter called Dee again, just trying to figure things out. You could tell from Dee that Peter was stressing. It was pretty good. Then, Peter called me again, and the guys told me to answer. Lex has been filming the whole thing on his flipcam and said to me, "let's see what you got." I answer the phone kind of calm, Peter says, "Reeves, the guys have been waiting on you for an hour, where are you?" I told him that I was about to pull up to the airport. He asked why I was an hour late, and I just said I thought he meant they were landing at 6:30 Central Time, 7:30 Eastern Time -- it sounded good, he bought it. So then, Peter called Dee again, and told him that he had talked to me and I would be pulling up shortly. I'm cracking up and loving all of this! Terry asks Dee for the phone, and just says, "Peter, sorry, we were just screwing with you!" I couldn't make out what was being said, but Peter wasn't happy at all, it was great!

Once we got to Huntington, the guys checked into their hotel, then we had a great dinner with our station's general manager and sales manager and wives. Then, it was time to call it a night.


The first couple of hours on Saturday really sucked. I didn't do anything except wait! It was going to be a huge evening for the station and I couldn't wait for it! But first, my two best friends were getting married! Yeah, so I snuck a wedding in on this day at 3:30 as well! My wife and daughter were both a part of the wedding and they all looked and were great (wife, daughter, bride, groom, everyone!) My daughter acted up a little during the service. OK, she acted up a lot and I had to take her to the lobby -- that was a little frustrating, but whatever! I saw them say their "I do's" and kiss, I saw the important stuff! As soon as the service was over, I had to jet to get over to Ironton.

Also happening at 3:30 was the Lex and Terry V.I.P. reception at Austyn's. I didn't get their until around 5 p.m., but it sounded like everything was cool. Our sales manager drove the guys over and took care of the show. After the V.I.P. thing was over, it was time for the main events! Lex and Terry were apart of the Parade of Heroes, which was a ride with about 2,000 bikers through Ironton. I didn't get to see it, but it sounded like there were about 30,000 people along Second Street. Once they got back to downtown, they watched the 21 Gun Salute in front of the Planet stage, then the guys took the stage! The crowd was awesome, and the guys thanked everyone for coming out. Then, they wrote their name about 1,000 times each.

While the guys were on the Parade of Heroes, there were maybe about 20 or 30 people lined up to meet them. I was thinking to myself, I hope more people want to meet them! When we were all on stage, yeah, there were more people that wanted to meet them. That line grew from about 20 or 30 to about 1,000! They did not stop signing autographs and taking pictures for two and half hours straight. It was awesome. I had never seen anything like that. If you met the Givers, thank you for coming out!

The Herald-Dispatch put up some great pictures from Saturday night, check 'em out here: http://www.herald-dispatch.com/multimedia/galleries/news/x1886684550/Gallery-Rally-on-the-River-Saturday.

After they were meeting everyone who wanted to meet 'em, they were ready to call it a night. They had a 7 a.m. flight to catch Sunday morning!

The drive back to Huntington was cool. We were all just chatting about the Rally, their appearance, and the tri-state in general. They really loved everything. They thought it was a great bike rally, were pumped so many people came out, and kept talking about how beautiful our tri-state is (it really is). Once back to Huntington, everyone was pretty hungry, so we went to Five Guys in Pullman Square (I'm pretty sure they actually went twice in the same day!). It was cool there, the cashier recognized the guys and got a picture with them. I think it made his night!

After the guys got back to their hotel, I had to catch up with the wedding. Remember that?
Get a refresher about three paragraphs up. The wedding party, including the bride and groom, were at the Union Pub and Grill. I was really glad I got to see Woda and LeeAnn. I had felt bad for missing the reception and all of that stuff, but I felt I hadn't really missed too much because of all of the stories and good times at the bar! Woda got all of his groomsmen tuxedo t-shirts, and even got one for me (that meant a lot to me!). It was a little after midnight, and time to head home, I had to be up at 4:30 a.m. to take Lex, Terry and Dee to the airport!


Whenever I have to be up super early, I can never sleep, and this was definitely the case for Sunday morning. I finally fell asleep at about 2 a.m., only to wake up at 4:30 a.m. Hopefully I didn't stink, because I didn't take a shower. Just threw on some deodorant and brushed my teeth! Even though the three of them get up five days a week before 4 a.m., they were tired as well. They were all dozing in and out on the ride to Charleston. We got to the airport without any incident, and I dropped them all off out front at about 6 a.m. to catch their 7 a.m. flight.

Then, it was time to head back home, and get back to bed! I had to tell my wife to scoot over, where I had left, she managed to takeover the entire bed! Slept for a couple of more hours, then was up once again, and back on my way to Ironton to close out Rally on the River. It was really calm Sunday afternoon at the Rally. Just watched the vendors tear down, saw a great Santana tribute band, then tore our stuff down, and called it a Rally.

It was a kick ass weekend through and through, and we can't wait to do it again next year. Hopefully Ribfest and Rally don't fall on the same weekend, but if they do, it's all good, we can handle it! I'm already pumped for next year's Rally, the Friends of Ironton have some big time things lined up! You'll be impressed.

Friday, July 17, 2009

My Favorite Concerts

Random blog time -- I don't have too many good, timely stories to share right now, so let's elborate on some of my favorite concerts and concert experiences.

I've been to a bunch of shows. Wanna know my first one? Michael Jackson, 1987 Louisville, Kentucky at Freedom Hall. Back then he was only a little weird, but the coolest dude in the world! I don't remember to much of the show, I was soooo wasted, just kidding, I was soooo young! But I do remember him doing Thriller wearing the werewolf mask, and doing the "Smooth Criminal" "lean," and many more. Not a bad first show for my list of many.

Also, so now to my favorite rock shows.

1. Staind, Seether and Papa Roach - 2008 - Huntington, WV

I don't need to tell you why this was my favorite concert experience. Just read this: http://reevis927.blogspot.com/2008/12/november-24-2008-we-partied-with-papa.html. Unreal night! I get sad when I think about it, because it will probably never happen again!

2. Crue Fest - 2008 - Cincinnati, OH

I was pumped to see this show. Trapt, Sixx: AM, Papa Roach, Buckcherry and Motley Crue all on one stage! The bands were great. Seeing Sixx: AM live was awesome, especially after reading the Heroin Diaries, and listening to the album. Motley Crue is a great live band, well maybe they are -- it's too damn loud to really tell, but it just adds to it -- it's like getting punched in the face and you see boobs instead of little stars floating around your head.

Yeah, the music was great at this show, but we had so many random things happen during and after the show. In between bands, this jackass sat next to us, he saw I had a Marshall shirt on and told us that his wife went to MU, that was cool, but then he just told me how much Huntington sucked, then just left. He was the definition of a tool.

After the show, we hit up a random bar in Norwood, Ohio, it was near our hotel. When we got there it was empty, and the bartender was on the phone talking about how someone had just died. We found out it was the saxophone player from the Dave Matthews Band. It was just a weird moment -- she was talking like it was a personal friend. Then the crowd at this place showed up, and we met some aspiring hip-hoppers, seriously, some white kids from Cincinnati Tech who wanted to be the next Lil Romeo.

That was the abbreviated version of Crue Fest, but it was awesome.

3. Green Day - 2004 - Louisville, KY

Green Day is definietely one of the best live bands of this decade. Billie Joe Armstrong puts everything he has into every one of their shows. The Louisville Gardens, where the show took place, is a tiny arena, and it was barely half full. This was when Green Day was still making their "comeback" and before "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" was released. It was before the band really blew up to big arenas and even stadiums. However, Billy Joe treated it like it was 60,000 people at Giants Stadium! Great band, great energy, great album and a great tour.

4. Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band - 2009 - Greensboro, NC

Bruce is nearing 60, but still puts on a show like he's 25. Awesome amount of energy, and the E Street Band (featuring Little Steven Van Zandt, your host for the Underground Garage Sunday nights at 10 on the Planet) is the tightest band! Nearly three hours of music, it's a great show. After the show, I jumped out of a moving taxi-cab, seriously. The cab driver wanted to charge us a b.s. $20 surcharge, I called b.s., and he started mocking me, so I said, I'm out, and everyone followed. I still hate that taxi cab driver! And he talks like Louis Armstrong.

Now I can't pick out a fifth one! It's too freaking hard! The top four really stand out, and so do so many others! But here are the honorable mentions: AC/DC - 2009, Metallica - 2004, Oasis - 2005, Hank Williams Jr. & Lynyrd Skynyrd - 2006, The Rolling Stones - 2001.

There you go, some of my favorite shows. What are yours?

Friday, June 12, 2009

The Ultimate Man Room Giveaway: Son of a Bitch

Son of a bitch, there were a bunch of people at Mac-Reedo's for the Ultimate Man Room Giveaway! We had an idea of what we thought would show up, but we were way off! It was freaking packed -- so much in fact we had to spill over into the parking lot!

If you were there, you know what I'm talking about!

Here's a recap of the day/night and some of my thoughts on the whole event, as well!

I got there around 4 p.m. to start broadcasting and to get things setup and even by then people started showing up to check-in, get their Planet Hats, and get a seat. By 5 p.m. most of the deck was filled! Planet listeners are the most freaking dedicated!

By 6 p.m. it was getting crazy, crazy filled in there. The staff at Mac-Reedo's were busting their ass to serve as many beers, drinks and dinners as they could. We told them to expect a BIG crowd, maybe they thought we were bluffing. It's all good -- we'll get it worked out for next year!

We drew out our first two finalists before we brought the band on. We knew you were there for one thing, and one thing only, the Ultimate Man Room -- so we did what you guys wanted it!

Then it was time to rock! The band, Mojo King, was awesome! They played some kickass classic rock covers (Nugent, ZZ Top, Stevie Ray Vaughan), and even threw in some Tone-Loc! You'll get to see them again this summer at Rally on the River in Ironton!

After their first set, time to draw out a couple of more finalists...In between the drawings it was really cool to get to chat with everyone that was there. It was great to finally put a face to a name and a voice! That's what a bunch of people said to me, too!

Just before 9 p.m., it was time for THE main event. Time to giveaway all $10,000 of the Ultimate Man Room! We drew our fifth and final registrant up on stage, and our final person proved why it is important to stay until the very end!

After we got him up on stage, the five finalists all grabbed a remote control. Only one of the remote controls worked, the other four did not. One by one we went through the finalists...Johnny Dameron, Sherry Smedley, Ken Smith, Eric Russell...None of them worked! Now, I won't lie -- I started to get nervous. What if none of them work! Oh crap! And we just tested them all out five minutes before!

But before I could freak out too much, Ed McComas came up, pressed the power button, and about three seconds later the beautiful 42" LG Plasma TV fired on announcing "Congratulations, You are the Grand Prize Winner of the Ultimate Man Room!" Ed went nuts! Some great "wooo's!" Ed was awesome, and so was his wife -- they were great.

If you were there, thank you. Seriously, it meant a lot to us to see so many people there! I hope you like your Planet hat -- I think they turned out looking pretty badass! Wear it with pride! Also, if you were there, sorry it was so freaking packed! Like I said, we didn't know that many people were going to show up!

Because of the awesome turn out, we have already made plans for next year. Next year, Mac-Reedo's is going to close down the parking lot. We're going to put a stage in the parking lot, you'll be able to drink out there, and we're going to have some kick ass contests throughout the night like a beer drinking contest, and more! We're going to make it like a festival or something. Maybe even a drunk dancing contest, because there was definitely some of that going on Wednesday night!

So, thanks again for everything. Thanks for trying to get registered -- we loved seeing the Real Rock Lines light up every time we played the Real Man's Mating Call, thanks for showing up, thanks for hanging out, and of course, thanks for listening to the Real Rock Station, 92.7 & 98.5 the Planet.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

3 Doors Down & Hinder: Pretty Badass Show

Last week 3 Doors Down and Hinder rocked the Big Sandy Superstore Arena in Huntington and I have to say I was really impressed (not that I'm surprised!). It was a really good rock show!

Safety Suit was the opener, and I was only able to catch their last two songs -- I was wrapping up some work back at the station, and had to get some preshow drinks and dinner down at the Marshall Hall of Fame. Based off the last two songs, they are a pretty good alternative band, but they weren't what I was there for -- dirty rock n' roll and killer anthems, and that's what you get from Hinder and 3 Doors Down.

Hinder was up on stage first, and the first note was "hhhhhhuuuhhhhhhggghhh!!!!!" -- the opening hook for "Use Me." It was a great opener -- great song, too. Hinder reminds me of a cross between Def Leppard and Buckcherry, and that is a compliment. They definitely have a lot 80's influences -- the way the dress, their live shows, their song topics, their stage antics, and their ballads. Their set list was everything you'd expect -- a few new songs from the new album, the current singles ("Use Me," and "Up All Night"), their hits from the last album ("Get Stoned," and "How Long"), and of course...the ballads ("Lips of an Angel" and "Better Than Me"). All in all -- good band, they exceeded my expectations.

Speaking of "Lips of an Angel," me and my buddies that I went with were joking and asking the question -- while receiving oral pleasure from a groupie, do you think a girl has ever looked up at one of the guys from Hinder and said, "Do I have the 'lips of an angel'?" Com'on, you know someone has! Or...do you think one of the guys from Hinder during falatio has ever said to girl, "You have the 'lips of an angel." We laughed at that for about the whole time between Hinder and 3 Doors Down. Yeah, that's my sense of humor.

Then 3 Doors Down hit the stage. I was pumped to see this band -- they have been around for a long time, and I had never seen them before. I'm not exactly sure what song they opened with, but during the second song, Brad, the leader singer, through his microphone stand to the side of the stage, and whoops, it hit Todd, their bass player! Hit him so good, he didn't come back on stage! I've been searching all over the internet to see if there was a story, a blog, or an update with what exactly happened to him! If you know of anything, let me know, reevis@planet927.com. So they continued after a little break as a four-some. I'm not exactly sure who played bass. Maybe someone from the road crew did, or maybe Todd did from the side of the stage, but there wasn't a bass player on stage.

Aside from the microphone stand vs. the bass player fight where the microphone stand won, 3 Doors Down delivered all their hits, and there are a bunch of them: "Kryptonite," "Loser," "Duck and Run," "It's Not My Time," "Behind Those Eyes," "When I'm Gone," "The Road I'm On," "Landing In London," "Away from the Sun," "Citizen/Soldier," "Here Without You," and a some more. It was definitely a "greatest hits" type of show, which is what you want!

Another side note: If you ever see 3 Doors Down, don't ever play the "My Friends" drinking game. Brad says "my friends" more than John McCain! The guys I went with already knew this from seeing them before, so we started counting, and kept counting, and kept counting! He said "my friends" 21 times! Before every song, after every song -- it was funny (I can't make fun of him too much, count how many time's I say "sounds like a plan" or "we can do that" while I'm on the air!).

So there you go, that's my recap/review of the show. It wasn't the best rock show I had ever been too (those are going to be tough to top), but it was a great time in Huntington on a Wednesday night!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Duff Tweeted About Us

How cool is this...Duff McKagan (Guns 'N Roses, Velvet Revolver, and Loaded) tweeted about us on twitter.com, and we took his twitter v-card...

When we had him in the studio last week, he said he just tweeted for the first time about getting ready to perform on our station...

Well here it is...

In Huntington, W. Va. Going to do a live radio (WCMI) acoustic performance of Wasted Heart. This is my first ever 'tweet'. from web

That's pretty cool.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Dancing Outlaw, back in jail...

Jesco White, the Dancing Outlaw, is in jail for a little drug deal...Here's the picture and article from the Charleston Daily Mail (www.dailymail.com).

This guy could have made some serious money in the 90s after the first documentary came out, but he's too ignorant to realize it!

I'll do a blog soon about my "history" with the Dancing Outlaw -- no seriously, he's been to my parents' house, and I've seen him live several times -- I'll post one of the pictures to prove it!

Jesco White arrested on drug charges

Jesco White is in the South Western Regional Jail.

MADISON, W.Va. -- Jesco White, known as West Virginia's 'Dancing Outlaw,' has been arrested on drug charges, Boone County Sheriff Rodney Miller said.

White, 58, and a relative, Sue White, 40, were both arrested Monday night at their separate residences in Madison, Miller said. It was not immediately clear how the two are related. The arrests were made after police received a tip that the pair had participated in buying cocaine, Miller said. Both were charged with conspiracy for delivery of a controlled substance and are being held in the Southwestern Regional Jail, Miller said.

He and his family are the subject of a current documentary "The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia" debuting at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City.

White was made famous by the "Dancing Outlaw" documentary for PBS.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Hangin' with Duff

This past Friday we were honored to have Duff McKagan, founding member of Guns 'N Roses and Velvet Revolver, in our studio with his band Loaded. We interviewed Duff, chatted a little about Guns 'N Roses and Velvet Revolver, and he even performed two songs from the new album "Sick." You can check all of that at http://www.planet927.com/, we have video, audio and pictures of it.

Here's my take on the whole thing...It was awesome!

Nate and I picked up Duff and the band at the Pullman Plaze Hotel, which is barely a block away from the station. I told the manager that we could walk them over, but he insisted we drive over, which I completely understand. So we pull up to the bus, wait for everyone to get out, load up the guitars, and get everyone in the cars, and then make the long one block drive over. We are sitting at the stop light in front of the station, and I point and show Duff where we are going, and he goes, "That's it?! Why didn't we just F@#&ing walk over?!" I said I told his manager that, and Duff just laughed.

So we got everyone into the studio, and it was a tight fit (check out the pictures -- it's a small studio!). Then they did a sound check, and worked on getting all their harmonies together. To all of us who were in the studio -- that was freaking awesome. They were doing a little mini-performance just for us, yeah I know they were tuning up, but they were jamming the single "Flatline" out and even did a cool cover of the Rolling Stones' "Wild Horses," and we were the only ones that were hearing it!

Then it was time for the interview, and if you watch the video, you'll see Duff still strumming his guitar and singing when I crack the mic to start the interview -- I told them 30 seconds and all of that stuff, but they were all into it! It was cool. I thought the interview went pretty well, you can be the judge of that. Then they did the song "Flatline." I really do like that song -- it's catchy, it has a great intro, and great harmonies. While they were doing it, you'll see this in the video, the drummer was playing a shaker and a tambourine, and he was rocking up against one of our CD racks, and it is not the sturdiest thing to begin with! As he was playing, the rack kept rocking, and rocking, I was just waiting for it to fall and all 400 or 500 CDs to fall as well! Luckily it didn't! Then they did another tune, "Wasted Heart," it wasn't as fast, so there wasn't as much shaking on the rack!

After the interview, we all chatted for a minute, and I just have to say Duff McKagan is a really nice guy. He took time to sign some stuff for us and took some pictures. Before we left from the hotel, their manager told us to bring them back to the V Club. Well, after the interview, Duff and the band weren't really interested in that -- they wanted to walk around town! After talking with them before the show, we found out the went to Glenn's, Now Hear This and the Pita Pit, then they walked back to the venue. Nate drove their bass player, Jeff, back to the V Club and all of the guitars. Jeff said he had already walked around town earlier this morning, and wanted to relax. The thought of Duff McKagan just walking around in downtown Huntington just makes me laugh, he's cool.

Now it was show time. It wasn't the biggest crowd at the V Club, but it was definietely a rock crowd filled with some old school GNR fans. Loaded started the show with the title track to the album, "Sick," and about midway through the second verse, the left side of the stage pretty much lost all power, including Duff's vocals. Yeah, it sucked, but what was really cool about it was, while they were getting it fixed, the drummer, Geoff, was just banging away on this really cool beat, and the lead guitarist, Mike, was just rocking out some cool riff he was improvising on. Then Duff started getting into it was clapping and keep the crowd alive. Once his mic came back on, he was having the crowd do some shout alongs -- you can tell this band is made up of pro's!
Even though it was just a club show, you would have thought they were playing a stadium show! They put a lot into the gig, and just kept playing, and playing, and playing! They easily played for two hours, and did a couple of Guns 'N Roses tunes, and Duff really nails 'em! They did "Dust and Bones," "So Fine," and "It's So Easy." Those really got the place going!

It was a killer show and a great day with Duff McKagan's Loaded. If you're a Guns 'N Roses fan, or a Velvet Revolver fan, or if your just a Rock N Roll fan, you need to come out and support this band! I wouldn't be surprised if they came back to the area soon.

Marshall Green & White Game: Nice Crotch Shot

Check out this nice crotch shot from the annual Marshall Green and White Spring Football Game taken and posted by the Herald-Dispatch (http://www.herald-dispatch.com/multimedia/galleries/x1653871027/Gallery-Green-White-game-action). I'm sure the photographer will say he had no idea you could see up the girl's skirt! Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

150 Pairs of Panties and a Wedding

Last week was a pretty crazy week for me -- on Tuesday (March 17) I helped collect about 150 pairs of panties, and then on Saturday (March 21) I got married! That's a complete week!

We'll start with the panties. Instead of celebrating St. Patrick's Day, we, here at the Planet, celebrate St. Panty's Day! We drive around the tri-state collecting panties in exchange for a St. Panty's Day t-shirt. We had 144 t-shirts, and they are all GONE, so do the math as to how many panties we collected!

Here are some of my favorite highlights from St. Panty's Day this year (in cronological order):

1. At our first stop in Huntington at the Happy Camper, two girls were waiting for us to show up with their panties in hand! Planet listeners are so freaking dedicated, I love it!

2. While I was in the studio, Nate and Lenny were at Goodfella's Tobacco in Flatwoods and collected more than 50 panties in just two hours! It was so crazy down there, even WSAZ came to check it out. Here's the video:

3. Once we got to the End Zone in Ironton, it was ON. We arrived with about 70 t-shirts and they were all gone before sunset! There it was our St. Panty's/St. Patty's Day Party, and Ironton and everyone down at the End Zone knows how to party. It got a little crazy. One girl really wanted a St. Panty's Day shirt, but didn't have any panties to give up, except the ones she had on...So, she went to the bathroom, took them off, and gave them to us (you'll see it in the video)...
You can see our pictures by going here, http://www.planet927.com/pictures-2009-03-19.html. Here is our video from YouTube:

To wrap up my take on St. Panty's Day, we were all trying to come up with some cool ideas as to what to do with all of the panties. Well, this year, for some reason, we thought it would be funny to put them for sale on eBay. I thought we make get one or two bids, or a bid from some freak in Montana, but no, not even close! The starting price was $0.92, and one week later, after 23 bids, from eight different people, the panties sold for $40! "Congratulations" to Amanda in Ironton for winning the panties! She also wins the final St. Panty's Day t-shirt (just to let you know, the box of panties smells a little funky!).

Now to the wedding...

Saturday I got married, and yeah, I'm happy about it! Married a girl I dated in high school and a little in college, broke up, remained best friends, then we got back together a couple of years ago. The wedding was great, the reception was awesome. You'll like our wedding favors -- beer bottle koozies (classy, I know!). I gotta admit, it was awesome seeing all of our friends and family, especially the ones that came in from out of town and far away and stuff, but if you've gone through a wedding before, you'll probably agree with me, once it's over, don't you take a huge breath of relief. I know I did. However, we were really lucky, everything went as smoothly as possible! Here's one picture from the day, I'm only posting this for the girls, you know they want to see pictures...don't I look badass in a tux! :) I thought I was James Bond all day. There's a rumor, that me and the groomsmen were "tailgating" in the parking lot before the wedding. The Miller Lite kept me calm!

We went to Columbus for a little mini-honeymoon (we're taking a longer honeymoon in June). Columbus treated us good -- great hotel, great restaurants and great bars! Speaking of bars, hit one of my favorite's -- O'Shaughnessy's, which is an Irish bar with a great house porter beer. We also went to an awesome dueling piano bar. We went there on Sunday night, so there wasn't much of a crowd, but the pianists didn't seem to mind. They played everything including AC/DC, Green Day, Oasis, Springsteen, Billy Joel, Elton John (those were obvious), and Bob Seger.

We came home Tuesday afternoon, and came back to reality -- we're still moving her in and all of that good stuff! The living room has been overtaken by boxes!

Monday, March 16, 2009

2009 St. Panty's Day T-Shirts!

These are awesome -- the best we've done so far!

See you and your panties tomorrow.


Monday, March 9, 2009

My Bachelor Party: Seven Bars, One Night!

Well this past Saturday was my bachelor party -- that's right, I'm getting married in two weeks -- but it wasn't a "real" bachelor party, however, it was exactly what I wanted -- It was me and my best friend Woda, and we went to seven different bars in one night!

We started the day/evening at the dog track in Cross Lanes -- I wanted to gamble and lose some money! Yeah, I lost like $80 bucks, but I had a freaking good time doing it! I lost quickly on the roulette table, but then started to pace myself on the craps table. I had never played that game before, but it's pretty fun and addicting! I actually made some money there! Then I moved to the a blackjack table, and made some more money! Hell yeah! Then I got stupid -- I went to a Texas Hold'em table -- and that is my favorite game of all time, but playing it for cash sucks! I'm a tournament player! Then we ended the evening of fun at the craps table! Again, lost money, but had a good time doing so (the beer was tasty there too!).

Then, back to Huntington. I wanted to hit some spots I used to go to back in the day, including Davis' Place. We didn't stay there for long, just had a beer and jetted, there kitchen was closed, and we were a little hungry!

So, then we were off to Mac-Reedo's. That's a great bar, it has the best patio in town! On the patio, I met Brandon -- a Planet listener! I can't remember how he knew who I was (probably a picture online, or my voice? I dunno). But, I had some chicken fingers and some fries, and I was reloaded!

From Mac's we went to the Paddock on the 'Stend, a.k.a. the West End baby! We wanted to do some karaokeing, and we thought the Paddock would serve us well, and it did! I sang a little Mr. Brownstone from Guns N Roses -- a song I had always wanted to do, I know pretty much every word! I pretty much blew the crowd away (just kidding!), then I did Papa Roach's Scars -- I was getting into! Woda and I also made some friends -- Alan and his wife were the shit! Alan, Woda and I all did Man of Constant Sorrow from the movie O' Brother Where Art Thou (why, I have no idea! It was Alan's idea!) I also went to high school with the bartender, so it was cool to see her. It was now time to leave the West End, but I promise we'll be back before the night is over...

After the Paddock it was off to Hank's. Had a beer, and then hit the road, another cool Huntington bar. It's the only piano bar that I know of that doesn't have a piano bar. From Hank's it was time to hit up the U-Pag (Union Pub and Grille).

I pretty much lived in the Union my senior year at Marshall -- that is also a badass bar! There, I ran into my fiance -- she was having her little bachelorette party -- her's was more traditional, than just mine, which was barhopping! She was great -- they were having a blast. Funny story, I wasn't driving (I'm smart!), but my fiance said I was drunk (and I probably was, but I said I was good), so I took one of those blow tests at the bar, and passed it (yeah, it was waaaaayyyyy off!). She took off from the Union and headed home, but I stayed out a little longer.

After we left the Union, we went back to Hank's, and then it was on...

Originally, I wanted to go to a strip club in the afternoon, and see some daystrippers -- just for the comic-relief of it. I'm not a strip club guy, but it's funny and random, especially if you go at 2 in the afternoon. Well (sorry broseph), Woda's fiance wasn't too comfortable with him going, so I was like alright whatever, I can live without it.

Well, when we were at Hank's, his fiance came with us. She was a little tuned as well at this point. We were all trying to figure out where to do next, and I said, "com'on let's go to the Carousel Club!" She was drunk, and she was down with it! So I got the next best thing to day strippers -- Carousel Club girls! And it was freaking awesome -- they were all great, and the club was everything I wanted and more. We sat at a table right next to a dude that was past out on a table! It was a great way to end the night (told you I'd be back on the 'Stend!)! She know understands why we wanted to go!

So that's the end of the night, except that I now had to break into my house! Seriously -- I left my car at my parents' house, and for some reason the keys too! I won't tell you how I did it, but I'll just say this, it was easier said than done at 2 in the morning, especially when you've had like 40 Miller Lite's!

Sometime early in the morning I was burning up, so I moved downstairs to my couch, and left my phone upstairs, so that next day, I literally slept in till 2 (don't forget the time did jump ahead one hour). I didn't answer any calls or text messages, but my fiance called me like 20 times, and I never answered, so she came down that afternoon to make sure I was alive! I was fine, just sleeping!

So there you go, it was my bachelor party, but really just another random night on the town. But count them up, if you include the dog track -- seven bars in one night!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Buckcherry, Avenged Sevenfold & Papa Roach: Pikeville Rocks!

Went down to Pikeville, Kentucky last week to check out Buckcherry, Avenged Sevenfold and Papa Roach at the Eastern Kentucky Expo Center, and saw a great rock show!

Saving Abel were the openers, but we didn't get down there in time. As we walked in Papa Roach were doing their thing, and they are a great live band! It's hard to believe, but Papa Roach have been around for 10 years! But after you see them live (this was my fourth time), and they do hit after hit, you're like, "wow, I guess they have been around for 10 years!" They have so many killer songs that they even skip over a few of their singles like "Take Me," and "She Loves Me Not." The new songs are awesome live -- "Hollywood Whore" and "Lifeline." I can't wait for their new album Metamorphosis, which comes out on March 24.

Next on stage was Avenged Sevenfold. This was the band that I was most anxious to see, because I had never seen them! From the moment the curtain dropped I was hooked! The opened with the first track on the new album, which has an organ part at the beginning, and then just tore into their set! It was pretty badass from start to finish. I've been listening to their stuff a lot lately ever since I saw them.

Then it was time for the headliners -- Buckcherry. This was my fourth time seeing Buckcherry (and sixth time seeing lead singer Josh Todd -- he did a little solo thing while Buckcherry were split up). Buckcherry's another band that has been around for a long time -- their debut album came out in 1999 (but again they were split for about three years)! Live, they are a great Rock n Roll Band -- just down & dirty, and take the waitress home with you Rock n Roll -- exactly what I like!

Side note -- the Eastern Kentucky Expo Center is a great venue for shows. It's not too big, not too small, it's new, it's clean, it's nice -- but the whole time I was driving down U.S. 23, I was like, "are you sure there's an arena down here?" "In Pikeville?!"

Monday, February 23, 2009

My Day's at the Showboat Marina

I don't know if you've heard about this yet, but the Showboat Marina and the Cajun Kitchen are under the waters of the Ohio River, which is really sad news to me -- I grew up there! Check out the picture from the Herald-Dispatch (http://www.hdonline.com/)...

My parents used to have a boat there, so when I was a kid I was there pretty much every weekend, and if we weren't on the boat we were eating at the Cajun Kitchen.

Then, I actually worked at the marina one summer when I was in high school, which was one of the worst jobs I ever had, but it was also one of the most fun summers of my life!

Why the job sucked:

1. TRASH DAY. On Monday's, I had to empty out all of the trash cans on all of the docks. Doesn't sound too bad, it's just a couple of trash cans, right? Yeah, true, but after a weekend of boating those trash cans will be overflowing, with more trash and bags sitting next to the trash cans than in them! Hopefully you're not reading this during your lunch break because a lot of time there would be maggots every where in them! Yeah, sorry. If there weren't maggots, the smell of warm beer and leftover food would do it for you!

2. THIS ONE BOAT. This one guy, boat this one boat that was crappy to begin with, but he wanted to have it refinished from top to bottom. So it was my job to do the bottom part -- literally. We sandblasted the bottom part of the boat, so I would be laying on my back under this boat (the boat was out of the water, obviously), spraying the bottom with the sand and just getting covered and blinded by the sand! Then once it was smoothed out and ready to go, then I had to tar it! So again, laying on my back, just painting back in forth this tar on the huge-ass bottom part of this boat. And yes, gravity was not my friend with tarring the boat because it would drip all over me! Once that job was done I was very happy!

3. OVERALL REASON: MANUAL LABOR. I suck at manual labor. I am clueless. Hanging a picture at my house is a big deal; I feel like I've really accomplished something. So there, I felt stupid, I would be told to grab a tool, and get the wrong one half of the time!

Why it was one of the best summers ever:

1. WATER: I love water -- ponds, lakes, rivers, oceans -- whatever, I just love watching the water. So it was always cool to get to work near the water -- it seemed to make the days go by fast! You could also jump in every now and then to cool off if you needed to.

2. RANDOM THINGS: Random things were always happening at the boat dock. I don't know if you remember this, but that summer (I think the summer of 1999) a little fishing boat hit a barge head on right by the marina. A couple of the guys survived the crash, but one guy was missing. So that next morning, the Coast Guard, Police and other agencies pretty much took over the marina. I was told to grab some doughnuts for everyone, then me and boss went to the movies -- that was a crazy couple of days until they found the guy (yeah, he was dead).

3. THE CAJUN KITCHEN: Dude, lunch and dinner was awesome, because we always ate at the Cajun Kitchen, which had some great food!

4. NOT A PUSSY ANYMORE: I felt like I grew up a little bit that summer. I was always a little, clueless, pussy of a kid, and that summer -- I started to get "it." I started to become a man (I know, I'm a pussy for writing this part!). But I was like 16 when I started there, so you know what I mean.

I'm sure there are some more reasons why the job sucked, and why it rocked, but there are a few decent stories about my summer at the Showboat Marina and the Cajun Kitchen. But anyway, it really sucks that the whole damn marina is looking like the Titanic.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Planet's St. Valentine's Day Massacre: Mission Accomplished!

Wow -- the Planet's St. Valentine's Day Massacre was truly a success! When we first came up with the idea to destroy items leftover from your former boyfriends, girlfriend, wives, and husbands -- we had no idea what the reaction would be. We thought, well, maybe one or two people might come by, and they'll bring something lame for us to destroy, like a card or something.

However, once again, the Planet listeners showed why they are the greatest listeners in the world and rose to the occasion! We had more than 30 people show up as the day went on, and people brought everything from stuffed animals to porn!

The guy that brought us porn to destroy said one of his ex-girlfriends got it for him, and it's not even good porn!

Who knew people would want to destroy their ex's cellphones, but we had 4 different people who brought that!

We destroyed several CDs. Those were great -- some where just regular old studio albums (from the likes of Hank Williams Jr., Heart, Papa Roach, and Boba Flex), and of course...MIX CDs (Including Jenny's 20 New Songs!)!!

The stories from some of our listeners about their past relationships were classic as well!

Charles was in Ironton visiting his lawyer regarding his forthcoming divorce when he stopped by to see us!

Crystal didn't have anything for us to destroy, but showed us what her husband left her -- his name tattooed on her lower back!

Frank had the most screwed up story of them all. Frank drives up in a big red truck, and gets out and we can see that he is missing the lower half of one of his legs. It turns out, he was accidentally shot a couple of years ago, and had to have his leg removed. While he was in the hospital and doing his recovery, his wife of five years (five years!) said, "see ya, I don't want to deal with this and take care of you!" Frank said she didn't really pack up much, just took what she could, and she left behind a bunch of jewelry, and Frank went to town on that!

Happy Valentine's Day, and we'll have to do that again next year! Thanks to everyone who came out and made the Planet's St. Valentine's Day Massacre bad ass! Thanks of course to the End Zone in Ironton for having us! Check out the highlights below. Keep listening for details because St. Panty's Day is just around the corner!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

That wasn't really Pink Floyd, or was it?

Went to the Pink Floyd Experience show last night at the Big Sandy Superstore Arena and that some really cool stuff. I had never seen the show before. We got into the arena a little late, just after the show had started, and as soon as I heard the music, I was like "holy cow! That really sounds like Pink Floyd"

Once we got to our seats, I enjoyed the show even more. The band was tight! Great keyboards, organs and synthesizers -- Richard Wright would be very proud. The David Gilmour of the group was dead-on -- he even looked like him! Every time the saxophone player had a solo, I just wanted it to keep going! I love that kind of stuff!

The special effects were cool, too -- you had the flying pig (I think some people paid just to see that). They had surround sound -- I've never seen or heard anything like that for a live show! They had very cool lights, and cool videos going during the songs.

The crowd was really into the show, too. While not large in size, they really love their Floyd. Most of the time, the crowd just sat and took the show in -- it's Floyd, it's mellow, but them sometimes, some would have to get out of their chairs and get into it! There were also a lot of very deserving standing ovations! The crowd also featured some really good air guitar players! A lot of them!

I really enjoyed seeing a lot of father & son duos. We saw a lot of dad's taking their sons to their first concerts, and the entire family was really enjoying it (real rock brings families together!). It was a great first show for a lot of kids!

There was also that one drunk guy. You know who I'm talking about -- the guy that stands up more than anyone else, that is louder than anyone else, that annoys the people who he is sitting by. He was classic! He would go up to the front of the stage and stand right up on the stage, it looked like he was putting money up on the stage! And, of course, "that guy" didn't make it through the entire stage! He had too much before the show started!

Hopefully they'll bring the Pink Floyd Experience back to town next year -- it was a great Wednesday night!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

I still like winter, but...power outages, off the air, leaks? Com'on!

This past week of winter has sucked! Thousands went and are without power! Trees were down everywhere. The roads were crap. And it has REALLY screwed with things here at the Planet.

It started Tuesday when I got a call from Nate saying he wasn't going to be able to make it in. He lives in Crown City, Ohio. He said he was snowed in. So we had to fill his shift -- the Dirtman took care of that.

I was able to get to the station just fine. I live about two miles away, so not many problems, it was a little slick, but that was it. And for the most part, the rest of the day went really well. It's fun working in radio when the weather is acting up. You feel like you are providing a public service -- letting people know what roads are in bad shape, where accidents have happened, announcing school and business closings -- it's different from your normal days.

Then, as the night went on, we know what happened next -- the ice came, and it came, and it came! My parents lost their power, and all of our radio stations went off the air during the middle of the night. It came back on for a few hours that morning at like 10 a.m.

So I'm driving in Wednesday morning, again Nate couldn't make it in, and one of my coworkers calls me and wants to give me a heads up that the Planet studio is leaking. What does that mean? I walk in, go straight to our studio, and see that it is a train wreck!

There are like five trash cans collecting water that is more than just leaking from the studio -- it was raining from the studio! I put in one more trash can -- it still didn't do any good. Water was everywhere. Our I.T. bought a few tarps to cover up the equipment.

So around noon, we go completely off the air. You could only hear us online. That's the worse thing in radio. I still did my shift for the people that may have been listening online! I did a few breaks holding an umbrella just to prove a point! The station came back on the air around 5:30 p.m. that evening.

Today, things are kind of back to normal. When you first walk in, it smells like ass in here! You know that musty smell of water. The ceiling in the studio is brown from the water. The floor is pretty dirty looking (even though it was always kind of dirty).

I like snow and winter, but this has been a little much!

Check out the video below to see what we were dealing with yesterday...

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The 2nd Shot 'Herd' Round The World: And I Was There!

Bruce Morris meet Markel Humphry.

Holy Cow! In case you missed it -- Marshall won Wednesday night (Jan. 21) 53-50 over SMU. Sounds like a close, exciting game doesn't it? Actually it was kind of a boring, low scoring game up until the final seconds!

The game is tied at 50-50 with about :20 seconds left and SMU has the ball and tries to score with just a few seconds left on the clock but misses. Marshall's Markel Humphry (who actually has worked here at the station for the past couple of summers) rebounds the ball with about three seconds left on the clock, dribbles the ball twice and launches a 75-foot prayer. Well, his prayer was answered and he banked it in!

How far is 75 feet? Basically, he shot it from their three-point line and made it into our basket.

Before he shot the ball, Marshall head coach Donnie Jones was trying to call a time out. Good thing the ref's didn't see him! After the buzzer went off, the crowd was going nuts! The team was running around the court like they had just won the World Cup in soccer. The ref's checked the review footage to make sure he fired it off in time, and there was no doubt about that!

If you're not a big Marshall fan, the reason I titled this blog "The 2nd Shot 'Herd' Round the World" is about 20 years ago, Bruce Morris fired in an 80-foot buzzer beater to end the half. That was "The First Shot 'Herd' Round the World." If you ever go to the Henderson Center, he's the guy that has his footprints on the court. But, this one might have been sweeter, we won the game because of it!

One more cool thing about the game winning shot was that fact that it was all over the national media. Check it out below:

Monday, January 12, 2009

What'd You Do This Weekend? I Saw AC/DC!!

If your weekend included going to see AC/DC in concert, chances are you had a pretty good weekend. This past Sunday (January 11), I saw AC/DC in Cincinnati at the US Bank Arena, and yes, I had a good weekend!

It was my first time seeing one of the heavy weights of Real Rock, and they did not disappoint. From the opening video bringing the band on stage and straight into "Rock N Roll Train" to the final cannon's during "For Those About To Rock," it was a bad ass show all the way through!

I thought that Brian Johnson's vocals might be a little weak -- he's 61 years old, he's pretty much screamed lyrics for the past 30 years, and maybe he has smoked a few too many cigarettes in his day. With that, I figured the music would be much louder than his vocals to make up for it. Man, was I wrong! Brian can still tear it up! He's a great lead singer, and a great front man. He's one of those lead singers that is going to make sure everyone in the crowd is going to have a great time! One thing that really impressed me about him was, when Angus would be doing playing a long solo, or having fun with the crowd, Brian will still be out on the side, jamming next to guitarist Malcolm Young. A lot of times, lead singers will leave the stage when the spotlight isn't on them. That's not the case at all with Brian. I loved that -- he watched Angus do his thing as if it was the first time he had even seen him!

Speaking of Angus...WOW! What a freak! He has more energy than anyone I have ever seen! Watching him in his trademark schoolboy uniform was worth the price of admission! From the moment he led the band on stage and to the very end - he doesn't stop! He runs all over the stage, does his classic duck walk, falls down a few times, and, of course, shows off his devil horns, but one thing he doesn't do is miss a note! He plays so freaking perfectly with out ever looking at the fretboard!

The other guys in the band don't get as much credit, but Malcolm Young, Angus' brother, and bass player Cliff Williams, and drummer Phil Rudd are a great rhythm section. Cliff and Malcolm stand so tight right next to Phil, and only walk out to the front of the stage for backing vocals.

AC/DC could do a show with just their instruments and microphones and nothing else, and it would be a great show! However, they do pull out some great stunts and props! For starters, the show began with a derailed train exploding on the stage for "Rock N Roll Train;" you had the bell for "Hells Bell" of which Brian Johnson hung off'; Angus did a little strip tease during "The Jack" that ended with him mooning the crowd, showing off his AC/DC Boxers; the gigantic blowup doll for "Whole Lotta Rosie;" and of course the six enormous cannons for "For Those About To Rock." I still had all of my hearing up until the cannons went off!
If you have ever seen AC/DC then you already know this -- if you tell a friend or a co-worker that you saw AC/DC, they are all going to say the same thing back to you -- "you suck!" AC/DC is one of those bands that every one likes. Even my parents like 'em. No one doesn't not like AC/DC!

To be honest, the only negative thing I can say is ticket prices, but they are what they are, and compared to some other shows, AC/DC charged pretty much what everyone else charges. Tickets were a little more than $90 (plus the Ticket Master charges and stuff). But looking back on the prices, they played for an hour and 45 minutes, and it amounted to a little less than one dollar for every minute, and one minute of AC/DC is definitely work one dollar!

Here's the set list:

Rock n Roll Train
Hell Ain't a Bad Place To Be
Back In Black
Big Jack
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
Black Ice
The Jack
Hells Bells
Shoot to Thrill
War Machine
Anything Goes
You Shook Me All Night Long
Whole Lotta Rosie
Let There Be Rock

Highway To Hell
For Those About To Rock