Thursday, January 22, 2009

The 2nd Shot 'Herd' Round The World: And I Was There!

Bruce Morris meet Markel Humphry.

Holy Cow! In case you missed it -- Marshall won Wednesday night (Jan. 21) 53-50 over SMU. Sounds like a close, exciting game doesn't it? Actually it was kind of a boring, low scoring game up until the final seconds!

The game is tied at 50-50 with about :20 seconds left and SMU has the ball and tries to score with just a few seconds left on the clock but misses. Marshall's Markel Humphry (who actually has worked here at the station for the past couple of summers) rebounds the ball with about three seconds left on the clock, dribbles the ball twice and launches a 75-foot prayer. Well, his prayer was answered and he banked it in!

How far is 75 feet? Basically, he shot it from their three-point line and made it into our basket.

Before he shot the ball, Marshall head coach Donnie Jones was trying to call a time out. Good thing the ref's didn't see him! After the buzzer went off, the crowd was going nuts! The team was running around the court like they had just won the World Cup in soccer. The ref's checked the review footage to make sure he fired it off in time, and there was no doubt about that!

If you're not a big Marshall fan, the reason I titled this blog "The 2nd Shot 'Herd' Round the World" is about 20 years ago, Bruce Morris fired in an 80-foot buzzer beater to end the half. That was "The First Shot 'Herd' Round the World." If you ever go to the Henderson Center, he's the guy that has his footprints on the court. But, this one might have been sweeter, we won the game because of it!

One more cool thing about the game winning shot was that fact that it was all over the national media. Check it out below: