Monday, February 23, 2009

My Day's at the Showboat Marina

I don't know if you've heard about this yet, but the Showboat Marina and the Cajun Kitchen are under the waters of the Ohio River, which is really sad news to me -- I grew up there! Check out the picture from the Herald-Dispatch (

My parents used to have a boat there, so when I was a kid I was there pretty much every weekend, and if we weren't on the boat we were eating at the Cajun Kitchen.

Then, I actually worked at the marina one summer when I was in high school, which was one of the worst jobs I ever had, but it was also one of the most fun summers of my life!

Why the job sucked:

1. TRASH DAY. On Monday's, I had to empty out all of the trash cans on all of the docks. Doesn't sound too bad, it's just a couple of trash cans, right? Yeah, true, but after a weekend of boating those trash cans will be overflowing, with more trash and bags sitting next to the trash cans than in them! Hopefully you're not reading this during your lunch break because a lot of time there would be maggots every where in them! Yeah, sorry. If there weren't maggots, the smell of warm beer and leftover food would do it for you!

2. THIS ONE BOAT. This one guy, boat this one boat that was crappy to begin with, but he wanted to have it refinished from top to bottom. So it was my job to do the bottom part -- literally. We sandblasted the bottom part of the boat, so I would be laying on my back under this boat (the boat was out of the water, obviously), spraying the bottom with the sand and just getting covered and blinded by the sand! Then once it was smoothed out and ready to go, then I had to tar it! So again, laying on my back, just painting back in forth this tar on the huge-ass bottom part of this boat. And yes, gravity was not my friend with tarring the boat because it would drip all over me! Once that job was done I was very happy!

3. OVERALL REASON: MANUAL LABOR. I suck at manual labor. I am clueless. Hanging a picture at my house is a big deal; I feel like I've really accomplished something. So there, I felt stupid, I would be told to grab a tool, and get the wrong one half of the time!

Why it was one of the best summers ever:

1. WATER: I love water -- ponds, lakes, rivers, oceans -- whatever, I just love watching the water. So it was always cool to get to work near the water -- it seemed to make the days go by fast! You could also jump in every now and then to cool off if you needed to.

2. RANDOM THINGS: Random things were always happening at the boat dock. I don't know if you remember this, but that summer (I think the summer of 1999) a little fishing boat hit a barge head on right by the marina. A couple of the guys survived the crash, but one guy was missing. So that next morning, the Coast Guard, Police and other agencies pretty much took over the marina. I was told to grab some doughnuts for everyone, then me and boss went to the movies -- that was a crazy couple of days until they found the guy (yeah, he was dead).

3. THE CAJUN KITCHEN: Dude, lunch and dinner was awesome, because we always ate at the Cajun Kitchen, which had some great food!

4. NOT A PUSSY ANYMORE: I felt like I grew up a little bit that summer. I was always a little, clueless, pussy of a kid, and that summer -- I started to get "it." I started to become a man (I know, I'm a pussy for writing this part!). But I was like 16 when I started there, so you know what I mean.

I'm sure there are some more reasons why the job sucked, and why it rocked, but there are a few decent stories about my summer at the Showboat Marina and the Cajun Kitchen. But anyway, it really sucks that the whole damn marina is looking like the Titanic.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Planet's St. Valentine's Day Massacre: Mission Accomplished!

Wow -- the Planet's St. Valentine's Day Massacre was truly a success! When we first came up with the idea to destroy items leftover from your former boyfriends, girlfriend, wives, and husbands -- we had no idea what the reaction would be. We thought, well, maybe one or two people might come by, and they'll bring something lame for us to destroy, like a card or something.

However, once again, the Planet listeners showed why they are the greatest listeners in the world and rose to the occasion! We had more than 30 people show up as the day went on, and people brought everything from stuffed animals to porn!

The guy that brought us porn to destroy said one of his ex-girlfriends got it for him, and it's not even good porn!

Who knew people would want to destroy their ex's cellphones, but we had 4 different people who brought that!

We destroyed several CDs. Those were great -- some where just regular old studio albums (from the likes of Hank Williams Jr., Heart, Papa Roach, and Boba Flex), and of course...MIX CDs (Including Jenny's 20 New Songs!)!!

The stories from some of our listeners about their past relationships were classic as well!

Charles was in Ironton visiting his lawyer regarding his forthcoming divorce when he stopped by to see us!

Crystal didn't have anything for us to destroy, but showed us what her husband left her -- his name tattooed on her lower back!

Frank had the most screwed up story of them all. Frank drives up in a big red truck, and gets out and we can see that he is missing the lower half of one of his legs. It turns out, he was accidentally shot a couple of years ago, and had to have his leg removed. While he was in the hospital and doing his recovery, his wife of five years (five years!) said, "see ya, I don't want to deal with this and take care of you!" Frank said she didn't really pack up much, just took what she could, and she left behind a bunch of jewelry, and Frank went to town on that!

Happy Valentine's Day, and we'll have to do that again next year! Thanks to everyone who came out and made the Planet's St. Valentine's Day Massacre bad ass! Thanks of course to the End Zone in Ironton for having us! Check out the highlights below. Keep listening for details because St. Panty's Day is just around the corner!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

That wasn't really Pink Floyd, or was it?

Went to the Pink Floyd Experience show last night at the Big Sandy Superstore Arena and that some really cool stuff. I had never seen the show before. We got into the arena a little late, just after the show had started, and as soon as I heard the music, I was like "holy cow! That really sounds like Pink Floyd"

Once we got to our seats, I enjoyed the show even more. The band was tight! Great keyboards, organs and synthesizers -- Richard Wright would be very proud. The David Gilmour of the group was dead-on -- he even looked like him! Every time the saxophone player had a solo, I just wanted it to keep going! I love that kind of stuff!

The special effects were cool, too -- you had the flying pig (I think some people paid just to see that). They had surround sound -- I've never seen or heard anything like that for a live show! They had very cool lights, and cool videos going during the songs.

The crowd was really into the show, too. While not large in size, they really love their Floyd. Most of the time, the crowd just sat and took the show in -- it's Floyd, it's mellow, but them sometimes, some would have to get out of their chairs and get into it! There were also a lot of very deserving standing ovations! The crowd also featured some really good air guitar players! A lot of them!

I really enjoyed seeing a lot of father & son duos. We saw a lot of dad's taking their sons to their first concerts, and the entire family was really enjoying it (real rock brings families together!). It was a great first show for a lot of kids!

There was also that one drunk guy. You know who I'm talking about -- the guy that stands up more than anyone else, that is louder than anyone else, that annoys the people who he is sitting by. He was classic! He would go up to the front of the stage and stand right up on the stage, it looked like he was putting money up on the stage! And, of course, "that guy" didn't make it through the entire stage! He had too much before the show started!

Hopefully they'll bring the Pink Floyd Experience back to town next year -- it was a great Wednesday night!