Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Planet's St. Valentine's Day Massacre: Mission Accomplished!

Wow -- the Planet's St. Valentine's Day Massacre was truly a success! When we first came up with the idea to destroy items leftover from your former boyfriends, girlfriend, wives, and husbands -- we had no idea what the reaction would be. We thought, well, maybe one or two people might come by, and they'll bring something lame for us to destroy, like a card or something.

However, once again, the Planet listeners showed why they are the greatest listeners in the world and rose to the occasion! We had more than 30 people show up as the day went on, and people brought everything from stuffed animals to porn!

The guy that brought us porn to destroy said one of his ex-girlfriends got it for him, and it's not even good porn!

Who knew people would want to destroy their ex's cellphones, but we had 4 different people who brought that!

We destroyed several CDs. Those were great -- some where just regular old studio albums (from the likes of Hank Williams Jr., Heart, Papa Roach, and Boba Flex), and of course...MIX CDs (Including Jenny's 20 New Songs!)!!

The stories from some of our listeners about their past relationships were classic as well!

Charles was in Ironton visiting his lawyer regarding his forthcoming divorce when he stopped by to see us!

Crystal didn't have anything for us to destroy, but showed us what her husband left her -- his name tattooed on her lower back!

Frank had the most screwed up story of them all. Frank drives up in a big red truck, and gets out and we can see that he is missing the lower half of one of his legs. It turns out, he was accidentally shot a couple of years ago, and had to have his leg removed. While he was in the hospital and doing his recovery, his wife of five years (five years!) said, "see ya, I don't want to deal with this and take care of you!" Frank said she didn't really pack up much, just took what she could, and she left behind a bunch of jewelry, and Frank went to town on that!

Happy Valentine's Day, and we'll have to do that again next year! Thanks to everyone who came out and made the Planet's St. Valentine's Day Massacre bad ass! Thanks of course to the End Zone in Ironton for having us! Check out the highlights below. Keep listening for details because St. Panty's Day is just around the corner!