Thursday, February 12, 2009

That wasn't really Pink Floyd, or was it?

Went to the Pink Floyd Experience show last night at the Big Sandy Superstore Arena and that some really cool stuff. I had never seen the show before. We got into the arena a little late, just after the show had started, and as soon as I heard the music, I was like "holy cow! That really sounds like Pink Floyd"

Once we got to our seats, I enjoyed the show even more. The band was tight! Great keyboards, organs and synthesizers -- Richard Wright would be very proud. The David Gilmour of the group was dead-on -- he even looked like him! Every time the saxophone player had a solo, I just wanted it to keep going! I love that kind of stuff!

The special effects were cool, too -- you had the flying pig (I think some people paid just to see that). They had surround sound -- I've never seen or heard anything like that for a live show! They had very cool lights, and cool videos going during the songs.

The crowd was really into the show, too. While not large in size, they really love their Floyd. Most of the time, the crowd just sat and took the show in -- it's Floyd, it's mellow, but them sometimes, some would have to get out of their chairs and get into it! There were also a lot of very deserving standing ovations! The crowd also featured some really good air guitar players! A lot of them!

I really enjoyed seeing a lot of father & son duos. We saw a lot of dad's taking their sons to their first concerts, and the entire family was really enjoying it (real rock brings families together!). It was a great first show for a lot of kids!

There was also that one drunk guy. You know who I'm talking about -- the guy that stands up more than anyone else, that is louder than anyone else, that annoys the people who he is sitting by. He was classic! He would go up to the front of the stage and stand right up on the stage, it looked like he was putting money up on the stage! And, of course, "that guy" didn't make it through the entire stage! He had too much before the show started!

Hopefully they'll bring the Pink Floyd Experience back to town next year -- it was a great Wednesday night!