Wednesday, March 25, 2009

150 Pairs of Panties and a Wedding

Last week was a pretty crazy week for me -- on Tuesday (March 17) I helped collect about 150 pairs of panties, and then on Saturday (March 21) I got married! That's a complete week!

We'll start with the panties. Instead of celebrating St. Patrick's Day, we, here at the Planet, celebrate St. Panty's Day! We drive around the tri-state collecting panties in exchange for a St. Panty's Day t-shirt. We had 144 t-shirts, and they are all GONE, so do the math as to how many panties we collected!

Here are some of my favorite highlights from St. Panty's Day this year (in cronological order):

1. At our first stop in Huntington at the Happy Camper, two girls were waiting for us to show up with their panties in hand! Planet listeners are so freaking dedicated, I love it!

2. While I was in the studio, Nate and Lenny were at Goodfella's Tobacco in Flatwoods and collected more than 50 panties in just two hours! It was so crazy down there, even WSAZ came to check it out. Here's the video:

3. Once we got to the End Zone in Ironton, it was ON. We arrived with about 70 t-shirts and they were all gone before sunset! There it was our St. Panty's/St. Patty's Day Party, and Ironton and everyone down at the End Zone knows how to party. It got a little crazy. One girl really wanted a St. Panty's Day shirt, but didn't have any panties to give up, except the ones she had on...So, she went to the bathroom, took them off, and gave them to us (you'll see it in the video)...
You can see our pictures by going here, Here is our video from YouTube:

To wrap up my take on St. Panty's Day, we were all trying to come up with some cool ideas as to what to do with all of the panties. Well, this year, for some reason, we thought it would be funny to put them for sale on eBay. I thought we make get one or two bids, or a bid from some freak in Montana, but no, not even close! The starting price was $0.92, and one week later, after 23 bids, from eight different people, the panties sold for $40! "Congratulations" to Amanda in Ironton for winning the panties! She also wins the final St. Panty's Day t-shirt (just to let you know, the box of panties smells a little funky!).

Now to the wedding...

Saturday I got married, and yeah, I'm happy about it! Married a girl I dated in high school and a little in college, broke up, remained best friends, then we got back together a couple of years ago. The wedding was great, the reception was awesome. You'll like our wedding favors -- beer bottle koozies (classy, I know!). I gotta admit, it was awesome seeing all of our friends and family, especially the ones that came in from out of town and far away and stuff, but if you've gone through a wedding before, you'll probably agree with me, once it's over, don't you take a huge breath of relief. I know I did. However, we were really lucky, everything went as smoothly as possible! Here's one picture from the day, I'm only posting this for the girls, you know they want to see pictures...don't I look badass in a tux! :) I thought I was James Bond all day. There's a rumor, that me and the groomsmen were "tailgating" in the parking lot before the wedding. The Miller Lite kept me calm!

We went to Columbus for a little mini-honeymoon (we're taking a longer honeymoon in June). Columbus treated us good -- great hotel, great restaurants and great bars! Speaking of bars, hit one of my favorite's -- O'Shaughnessy's, which is an Irish bar with a great house porter beer. We also went to an awesome dueling piano bar. We went there on Sunday night, so there wasn't much of a crowd, but the pianists didn't seem to mind. They played everything including AC/DC, Green Day, Oasis, Springsteen, Billy Joel, Elton John (those were obvious), and Bob Seger.

We came home Tuesday afternoon, and came back to reality -- we're still moving her in and all of that good stuff! The living room has been overtaken by boxes!