Monday, March 9, 2009

My Bachelor Party: Seven Bars, One Night!

Well this past Saturday was my bachelor party -- that's right, I'm getting married in two weeks -- but it wasn't a "real" bachelor party, however, it was exactly what I wanted -- It was me and my best friend Woda, and we went to seven different bars in one night!

We started the day/evening at the dog track in Cross Lanes -- I wanted to gamble and lose some money! Yeah, I lost like $80 bucks, but I had a freaking good time doing it! I lost quickly on the roulette table, but then started to pace myself on the craps table. I had never played that game before, but it's pretty fun and addicting! I actually made some money there! Then I moved to the a blackjack table, and made some more money! Hell yeah! Then I got stupid -- I went to a Texas Hold'em table -- and that is my favorite game of all time, but playing it for cash sucks! I'm a tournament player! Then we ended the evening of fun at the craps table! Again, lost money, but had a good time doing so (the beer was tasty there too!).

Then, back to Huntington. I wanted to hit some spots I used to go to back in the day, including Davis' Place. We didn't stay there for long, just had a beer and jetted, there kitchen was closed, and we were a little hungry!

So, then we were off to Mac-Reedo's. That's a great bar, it has the best patio in town! On the patio, I met Brandon -- a Planet listener! I can't remember how he knew who I was (probably a picture online, or my voice? I dunno). But, I had some chicken fingers and some fries, and I was reloaded!

From Mac's we went to the Paddock on the 'Stend, a.k.a. the West End baby! We wanted to do some karaokeing, and we thought the Paddock would serve us well, and it did! I sang a little Mr. Brownstone from Guns N Roses -- a song I had always wanted to do, I know pretty much every word! I pretty much blew the crowd away (just kidding!), then I did Papa Roach's Scars -- I was getting into! Woda and I also made some friends -- Alan and his wife were the shit! Alan, Woda and I all did Man of Constant Sorrow from the movie O' Brother Where Art Thou (why, I have no idea! It was Alan's idea!) I also went to high school with the bartender, so it was cool to see her. It was now time to leave the West End, but I promise we'll be back before the night is over...

After the Paddock it was off to Hank's. Had a beer, and then hit the road, another cool Huntington bar. It's the only piano bar that I know of that doesn't have a piano bar. From Hank's it was time to hit up the U-Pag (Union Pub and Grille).

I pretty much lived in the Union my senior year at Marshall -- that is also a badass bar! There, I ran into my fiance -- she was having her little bachelorette party -- her's was more traditional, than just mine, which was barhopping! She was great -- they were having a blast. Funny story, I wasn't driving (I'm smart!), but my fiance said I was drunk (and I probably was, but I said I was good), so I took one of those blow tests at the bar, and passed it (yeah, it was waaaaayyyyy off!). She took off from the Union and headed home, but I stayed out a little longer.

After we left the Union, we went back to Hank's, and then it was on...

Originally, I wanted to go to a strip club in the afternoon, and see some daystrippers -- just for the comic-relief of it. I'm not a strip club guy, but it's funny and random, especially if you go at 2 in the afternoon. Well (sorry broseph), Woda's fiance wasn't too comfortable with him going, so I was like alright whatever, I can live without it.

Well, when we were at Hank's, his fiance came with us. She was a little tuned as well at this point. We were all trying to figure out where to do next, and I said, "com'on let's go to the Carousel Club!" She was drunk, and she was down with it! So I got the next best thing to day strippers -- Carousel Club girls! And it was freaking awesome -- they were all great, and the club was everything I wanted and more. We sat at a table right next to a dude that was past out on a table! It was a great way to end the night (told you I'd be back on the 'Stend!)! She know understands why we wanted to go!

So that's the end of the night, except that I now had to break into my house! Seriously -- I left my car at my parents' house, and for some reason the keys too! I won't tell you how I did it, but I'll just say this, it was easier said than done at 2 in the morning, especially when you've had like 40 Miller Lite's!

Sometime early in the morning I was burning up, so I moved downstairs to my couch, and left my phone upstairs, so that next day, I literally slept in till 2 (don't forget the time did jump ahead one hour). I didn't answer any calls or text messages, but my fiance called me like 20 times, and I never answered, so she came down that afternoon to make sure I was alive! I was fine, just sleeping!

So there you go, it was my bachelor party, but really just another random night on the town. But count them up, if you include the dog track -- seven bars in one night!