Wednesday, May 27, 2009

3 Doors Down & Hinder: Pretty Badass Show

Last week 3 Doors Down and Hinder rocked the Big Sandy Superstore Arena in Huntington and I have to say I was really impressed (not that I'm surprised!). It was a really good rock show!

Safety Suit was the opener, and I was only able to catch their last two songs -- I was wrapping up some work back at the station, and had to get some preshow drinks and dinner down at the Marshall Hall of Fame. Based off the last two songs, they are a pretty good alternative band, but they weren't what I was there for -- dirty rock n' roll and killer anthems, and that's what you get from Hinder and 3 Doors Down.

Hinder was up on stage first, and the first note was "hhhhhhuuuhhhhhhggghhh!!!!!" -- the opening hook for "Use Me." It was a great opener -- great song, too. Hinder reminds me of a cross between Def Leppard and Buckcherry, and that is a compliment. They definitely have a lot 80's influences -- the way the dress, their live shows, their song topics, their stage antics, and their ballads. Their set list was everything you'd expect -- a few new songs from the new album, the current singles ("Use Me," and "Up All Night"), their hits from the last album ("Get Stoned," and "How Long"), and of course...the ballads ("Lips of an Angel" and "Better Than Me"). All in all -- good band, they exceeded my expectations.

Speaking of "Lips of an Angel," me and my buddies that I went with were joking and asking the question -- while receiving oral pleasure from a groupie, do you think a girl has ever looked up at one of the guys from Hinder and said, "Do I have the 'lips of an angel'?" Com'on, you know someone has! you think one of the guys from Hinder during falatio has ever said to girl, "You have the 'lips of an angel." We laughed at that for about the whole time between Hinder and 3 Doors Down. Yeah, that's my sense of humor.

Then 3 Doors Down hit the stage. I was pumped to see this band -- they have been around for a long time, and I had never seen them before. I'm not exactly sure what song they opened with, but during the second song, Brad, the leader singer, through his microphone stand to the side of the stage, and whoops, it hit Todd, their bass player! Hit him so good, he didn't come back on stage! I've been searching all over the internet to see if there was a story, a blog, or an update with what exactly happened to him! If you know of anything, let me know, So they continued after a little break as a four-some. I'm not exactly sure who played bass. Maybe someone from the road crew did, or maybe Todd did from the side of the stage, but there wasn't a bass player on stage.

Aside from the microphone stand vs. the bass player fight where the microphone stand won, 3 Doors Down delivered all their hits, and there are a bunch of them: "Kryptonite," "Loser," "Duck and Run," "It's Not My Time," "Behind Those Eyes," "When I'm Gone," "The Road I'm On," "Landing In London," "Away from the Sun," "Citizen/Soldier," "Here Without You," and a some more. It was definitely a "greatest hits" type of show, which is what you want!

Another side note: If you ever see 3 Doors Down, don't ever play the "My Friends" drinking game. Brad says "my friends" more than John McCain! The guys I went with already knew this from seeing them before, so we started counting, and kept counting, and kept counting! He said "my friends" 21 times! Before every song, after every song -- it was funny (I can't make fun of him too much, count how many time's I say "sounds like a plan" or "we can do that" while I'm on the air!).

So there you go, that's my recap/review of the show. It wasn't the best rock show I had ever been too (those are going to be tough to top), but it was a great time in Huntington on a Wednesday night!