Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It's Not a Hairy Ass

Right now, we are hosting of one my favorite contests of all-time: The Best Tattoo on the Planet Contest. Listeners send us pictures of their favorite tattoo and we put it on our website, and then you can vote for your favorite picture, person with the most votes wins a new tattoo.

Well, all of the pictures come to my mailbox, and then I send them to our web guys. Usually, I'll take just a quick glance at the picture and then send it, and that's the case for this story.

So, yesterday, I was looking at all of the pictures, which you can also see, here:


And, I stopped at this one...

...wait a minute...is that a...?

I looked at it over and over.

That's some dude's hairy ass! That's nasty -- we can't have that on our website...

I was trying to figure what else it could be, and I just kept seeing a hairy butt...

The picture was from Eric Lewis of Ironton -- I actually called him and left a message, asking what his picture was of...

Before he got back to me, I reached out to my facebook friends, and asked, is this a hairy butt?

Here are their responses:

Yes it is
Yesterday at 6:43pm · Delete

Yesterday at 6:53pm · Delete

You know what they say...burns coming in burns going out
Yesterday at 7:14pm · Delete

it's a chest .....but it looks alot like a butt! haha
6 hours ago · Delete

Thank you, Heather -- I was never able to see it until I got that comment! It's a chest -- I thought it could have been, wasn't able to tell...But, yeah, it's a chest.

Just before I posted this, Eric returned my call to confirm it -- he was laughing though -- someone else had him and said that it looked like an ass! He defended himself by saying, "I don't have two tailbones."

Now, the picture below Eric's...it's definetely a badonkadonk...

Hahaha! Thank you so much Jami Hackworth of Ironton! I love Planet listeners!

If you want to get in on this contest, send a picture of your favorite tattoo to tattoo@planet927.com.