Friday, July 17, 2009

My Favorite Concerts

Random blog time -- I don't have too many good, timely stories to share right now, so let's elborate on some of my favorite concerts and concert experiences.

I've been to a bunch of shows. Wanna know my first one? Michael Jackson, 1987 Louisville, Kentucky at Freedom Hall. Back then he was only a little weird, but the coolest dude in the world! I don't remember to much of the show, I was soooo wasted, just kidding, I was soooo young! But I do remember him doing Thriller wearing the werewolf mask, and doing the "Smooth Criminal" "lean," and many more. Not a bad first show for my list of many.

Also, so now to my favorite rock shows.

1. Staind, Seether and Papa Roach - 2008 - Huntington, WV

I don't need to tell you why this was my favorite concert experience. Just read this: Unreal night! I get sad when I think about it, because it will probably never happen again!

2. Crue Fest - 2008 - Cincinnati, OH

I was pumped to see this show. Trapt, Sixx: AM, Papa Roach, Buckcherry and Motley Crue all on one stage! The bands were great. Seeing Sixx: AM live was awesome, especially after reading the Heroin Diaries, and listening to the album. Motley Crue is a great live band, well maybe they are -- it's too damn loud to really tell, but it just adds to it -- it's like getting punched in the face and you see boobs instead of little stars floating around your head.

Yeah, the music was great at this show, but we had so many random things happen during and after the show. In between bands, this jackass sat next to us, he saw I had a Marshall shirt on and told us that his wife went to MU, that was cool, but then he just told me how much Huntington sucked, then just left. He was the definition of a tool.

After the show, we hit up a random bar in Norwood, Ohio, it was near our hotel. When we got there it was empty, and the bartender was on the phone talking about how someone had just died. We found out it was the saxophone player from the Dave Matthews Band. It was just a weird moment -- she was talking like it was a personal friend. Then the crowd at this place showed up, and we met some aspiring hip-hoppers, seriously, some white kids from Cincinnati Tech who wanted to be the next Lil Romeo.

That was the abbreviated version of Crue Fest, but it was awesome.

3. Green Day - 2004 - Louisville, KY

Green Day is definietely one of the best live bands of this decade. Billie Joe Armstrong puts everything he has into every one of their shows. The Louisville Gardens, where the show took place, is a tiny arena, and it was barely half full. This was when Green Day was still making their "comeback" and before "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" was released. It was before the band really blew up to big arenas and even stadiums. However, Billy Joe treated it like it was 60,000 people at Giants Stadium! Great band, great energy, great album and a great tour.

4. Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band - 2009 - Greensboro, NC

Bruce is nearing 60, but still puts on a show like he's 25. Awesome amount of energy, and the E Street Band (featuring Little Steven Van Zandt, your host for the Underground Garage Sunday nights at 10 on the Planet) is the tightest band! Nearly three hours of music, it's a great show. After the show, I jumped out of a moving taxi-cab, seriously. The cab driver wanted to charge us a b.s. $20 surcharge, I called b.s., and he started mocking me, so I said, I'm out, and everyone followed. I still hate that taxi cab driver! And he talks like Louis Armstrong.

Now I can't pick out a fifth one! It's too freaking hard! The top four really stand out, and so do so many others! But here are the honorable mentions: AC/DC - 2009, Metallica - 2004, Oasis - 2005, Hank Williams Jr. & Lynyrd Skynyrd - 2006, The Rolling Stones - 2001.

There you go, some of my favorite shows. What are yours?