Monday, October 26, 2009

Marshall vs. UAB: Breakfast Beers

Great win for the Herd on Saturday over the UAB Blazers, 27-7. It was a noon kickoff, which means -- breakfast tailgate, and breakfast beers! The breakfast beers got the best of me!
Here's me and Woda in the bathroom, posing for some reason...

As you can see, I was headed in the wrong direction...

After the game, me and Woda decided to played a game of drunk, sloppy football in my front yard at my house. Keep in mind, I live on a big hill, and while trying to catch a ball, I fell off my hill into my driveway, but I think, I still caught the ball! Here's me half sleeping and half talking after both "games" (notice the dirt and grass stains on my jeans).

Go Herd! The early tailgates and games are fun, but I am glad they are done for the year! I'm much better with the 4:30 kickoffs!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Meghan McCain: Is It Really That Big of a Deal?

Meghan McCain, daughter of John McCain, posted this picture via Twitter yesterday, and received a bunch of crap for it! Yes, she is hot, and yes, she has big boobs, but when I heard about this photo and when I finally saw it, I was really disappointed! I thought it would be showing more (it just makes me want more)!

What do you think (other than nice rack)?