Monday, April 12, 2010

Two Surgeries Later...

*WARNING: This blog is descriptive and bloody, and has bloody pictures. Don't say it's gross, because you've been warned.
Holy cow, what a week and a half. I'm going to attempt to explain why I haven't been at work or on the air in since March 31! After you read this, you'll either understand, or just think I'm a pussy -- either is fine!

I had endoscopic sinus surgery Thursday April 1 (it was one of the worst April Fool's Days ever!). I've been dealing with sinus problems for five+ years, and I have literally had the same sinus infection since October. Medications weren't doing anything so the doctor recommended surgery.
I was nervous about the surgery, but I did a lot of reading about it and asked a lot of questions, and decided it would be for the best. I was most concerned with the recovery. People have told me they were down and out for as little as four days, or as many as two weeks. I thought to myself -- I'm tough, I'll be back by Tuesday at the latest. However, as program director of the station, I did my best to cover everything for a full week after the surgery (that wasn't even enough).

So they did surgery on Thursday April 1, and I came out of it feeling ok. There's a picture of me in the recovery room. I just had this bandage thing taped up under my nose, that had to be changed out a bunch on the first day. It was just dripping blood non-stop.

There's another nice picture of me without the bandage on.

Once I got home, I felt ok. I just napped a bunch, had a little food. Not too bad. Friday was pretty good too. My family did an awesome job of taking care of me. Saturday, more of the same. Sunday is maybe when things started to go down hill.

Sunday was Easter Sunday, and I decided not to go to church (that was probably the problem!). After church, my wife picked me up and I went to her folks' house for one of two Easter Sunday dinners. I just sat around, ate, and sat around. Then, we went up to my parents house. Same thing, sat around, ate, watched the kids have a little Easter Egg Hunt. I was on my feet a bunch -- I thought I was feeling fine. Maybe I did too much?

Here's our family Easter picture -- I like the last year's picture better.
Monday. One of the worst days. I woke up early to go pee, and then I just started gushing blood. GUSHING. I could feel it coming down the back of my throat, then it started pouring out of my nose. I was freaking out, so I called the doctor, and he told me to do a couple of things, and if it happened again, call back. There's a picture of a my sink. Well, the rest of the day was normal -- not too many more problems, until late that night.

It happened again -- just started gushing blood. Worse than the first time. I had so much blood, my father-in-law saw my sink and bathtub and thought it looked like we had butchered a horse. Yeah. So we called the doctor, and he told us to get to the emergency room.

That's me at the emergency room. It sucked. To stop the bleeding, they stuck these tampon looking things up my nose -- dude, they were long. Then, they pumped them full of water to expand! I really thought I was at one of Dick Cheney's torture centers. It kind of worked, but then it messed up some of the structural stuff from the first surgery.
Here's a close up with the things up my nose -- you can't really see how big they are, but look at how big my nostril's are!

So, they gave me an I.V. and a room at the hospital at like 4 a.m., and then I sneezed, and it started gushing blood again -- not as bad as the first or second times, but it was gushing. So, early Tuesday morning, my doctor came in to do surgery again! What the hell?! Two surgeries? This one was to stop the bleeding, and to repair where the tampon things messed stuff up.

Woke up from surgery some time later the morning, and they kept me in the hospital another night. Keep in mind, my goal was to be back at work on Tuesday! I was also going to be on a panel about broadcast journalism at Marshall on Thursday that I was really looking forward to! That wasn't going to happen!

After they took my blood a bunch of time, and pumped me full of antibiotics, they sent me home on Wednesday. It was like I was back to square one! Just rested a bunch on Thursday, went to the doctor for a checkup on Friday.

Saturday, I felt awesome. Not too much pain, not too much nausea (that was something I was dealing with a lot, too). I even took my daughter for a walk to get some ice cream (that was awesome!), and gave her a bath later that night! Maybe I did too much again, because Sunday sucked!

I had been dealing with nausea a bunch, but never puked or anything like that, until Sunday. I threw up like four times Sunday. It sucked! I called the doctor, and he said it was from all the blood and mucus going down my throat into my stomach! Great. He said to take some motion sickness medicine. I took some of that, took a nap, and woke up around 10 p.m., and actually felt pretty good.

Monday rolled around, and well, here I am! Back at the station. Not on the air -- gonna try to do that tomorrow. Just trying to get caught up today!
So there you go. Hopefully it wasn't too gross for you. If you want more gross? Come over and watch me do one of my sinus rinses -- those are REALLY gross!